Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Writer's Life - Making Time (Gretchen)

 Writer's Life - Making Time

I've been in something of a writer's slump these past few months. Very discouraged. I'm replotting and revising my current manuscript, and honestly, it's daunting. After winning the ACFW Genesis Award two years ago and receiving encouraging feedback on various fronts, I realized I have a lot further to go before my story is ready to submit to publishers and agents.

I can't blame my writing situation on 2020 and the drama of the world. This could have happened in any year. Now for the solution. As I often do with my writing life, I draw from my career as an environmental consultant. Much like a lawyer, my work day is broken into billable hours, and I use a timekeeping app to help me allot my time correctly.

Putting into perspective that I consider writing to be something of a ministry and part-time career, I knew I had to treat it as such. With that in mind, I decided that the best way to give my writing it's proper place in my day, I needed to bill my writing time like I would any project.

I'm sure there are several apps out there, but I have been using Toggl for a while and am pleased with it. Recent updates have made it even more user-friendly, namely it now groups my worked hours by project, something I used to have to do manually or by switching to report mode.

What tricks do you use to fit in more writing time?
Do you have a favorite app to increase your productivity?

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