Hi! I’m Kimberly A. Rogers and I write across various fantasy subgenres (Urban Fantasy, Fairytale Retellings, Romantic Fantasy, etc) with some dabbling in Sci-fi and my sole oddball Christmas Regency Romance. My books are written with an adult audience in mind but are YA friendly. I’ve been publishing since 2015 but revamped in September last year after an eighteen month break when I launched into fairytale retellings. Between my two big story universes, the Rogue Spotter Universe and the World of Sonera (Love’s Enchanted Tales), I currently have 20 books published plus the two outliers.

I grew up a military brat but am currently living in the Deep South. When I’m not writing, I’m crafting (crochet sculpture is my biggest thing right now...I make dragons, unicorns, Pegasi, gryphons, and firebirds among other creatures), reading, or watching favorite movies and shows like Stargate. Right now I’m neck deep in ramping up my 2020 projects including my final fairytale for the first series of retellings and a spinoff epic fantasy romance trilogy set in the same world as well as more from the Urban Fantasy universe.

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