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I’m Elizabeth, but most people call me by my nickname, Liz, since it’s shorter. I’m a teenager, and I live in Texas (Best state ever! ;) ). My current manuscript is a Young Adult Romantic Fantasy, but the genre I love most is romance.

I first started writing around the 2nd grade. I keep on finding my old stories as my family de-clutters the house (those stories are terrible, by the way). At 10, I got a mini laptop and continued to write stories with no story goal, character arc, or quotation marks. I had no idea you were supposed to have any structure to a story, and I couldn’t seem to stop writing, so I didn’t.

If I’d known that it was terrible, I probably would have stopped at that point, since I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Thankfully, I didn’t. I attended my first writer’s conference this past year at the ACFW conference in Dallas. Though I’ve come a long ways, I realize I still have a long ways to go. My writing will never be perfect, but I can always come a little closer to perfection than I was yesterday.

If you’d like to know more, you can visit elizabethnewsom.com. I have a blog there, where I post book reviews, polls, writing prompts, etc. I also post book reviews regularly on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so if you need a long list of clean, high-quality romances (there are other genres I read, but you’ll find romance novels the most common), you can check those out ;)

That’s about it. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me. Enjoy your reading!


  1. How fun! Looking forward to stopping by often 😊

  2. Wooohoooo!!! Gonna stalk your blog as often as possible.

  3. *wave* Looking forward to reading your posts. :)

    1. Sorry I didn't reply earlier! Thank you, Melinda :) I love seeing your comments.


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