Friday, November 6, 2020

Weekend Reads: Meet the Mountain Baron (Vanessa)

One of the most recent books I've read is Oath of the Outcast by C.M. Banschbach. This book was different from other books I've read, but I absolutely loved it! Here's what it's about:

A lost brother. An unwilling outlaw. A rising enemy. An unusual alliance. Years ago, Rhys MacDuffy was brutally cut off from his clan, stripped of his name and inheritance, and banished to the remote Dragon Keep. Perched high above the Shang Pass in the land of Alsaya, he assumed the mantle of the Mountain Baron, serving out his sentence as the overseer of the worst outlaws and outcasts. But one day he receives a desperate message from the clan who disowned him: MacDuffy’s Seer—his beloved brother—has been taken by their enemies. With his band of Mountain Brigands and an unwelcome sidekick, Rhys leaves his mountain stronghold to find and rescue his brother. The tide of war is rising amongst the Clans of Alsaya, fueled by the magic-wielding sect of Druids who seek to unleash a dark force the world has long forgotten. Can the bond of blood run deeper than banishment?

Oath of the Outcast is about Rhys MacDuffy, a clansman who has been estranged from his friends and family due to a false accusation in the previous war. But while the plot of this story is gripping enough, the characters are what really make it exciting to read. Rhys, aka the broody baron, is hilarious to read and I always found myself chuckling when coming upon his dialogue. His group of "mountain men" remind me of a dark version of Robin Hood's "merry men". Although they are a rough and tough group, their loyalties run deep. 

Another positive note of this book is the thick strand of family woven in. I always try to include the importance of family in my writing so I love it when I see other authors do the same! If you haven't read any books by C.M. Banschbach yet, make sure you start now!

Happy Reading!

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  1. Sounds interesting. I like stories, no matter what genre, that involve family ties. It makes the characters more real.


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