Saturday, August 4, 2018

Top 3 Authors Who Write Books Faster Than I Can Read Them (Laurie)

You've probably heard me bemoan the insanity that is my to-read mountain before. (Like in this post, for instance...) I love that as a writer I've had the opportunity to get to know so many amazing fellow authors, but every time I meet a new author, I want to read one of his or her books. And if I like that one, I want to read the rest! Plus, I need to take some time to write, spend time with family, clean the house... The difficulty is clear. But there are a few prolific authors who cause additional challenges because they just keep publishing awesome-sounding books, far faster than I can get around to reading them. So today, I thought I'd share my top 3 authors who write books faster than I can read them :)

3) Morgan Busse

I had the opportunity to meet this lovely author at Realm Makers a few weeks ago, and I got my copy of her debut novel, Daughter of Light (Follower of the Word, Book 1), signed! Yay!! But I've owned this book for a while, and I'm quite ashamed of myself that I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Meanwhile, she finished writing her Follower of the Word series several years ago, and has since published Tainted and Awakened (The Soul Chronicles), which I also really want to read. Now Mark of the Raven, which sounds SO good and has a gorgeous cover, is coming out in November. I have so much catching up to do!

2) Melanie Dickerson

Melanie Dickerson was one of my first introductions into the world of Christian fiction, and I just adore her sweet fairy tale romances. Once upon a time, I was all caught up on her published books. But then I became a writer, and I fell a bit behind. Then she published more of her Hagenheim Medieval fairy tale retellings. Then she branched off a new set of Medieval fairy tale retellings into the Thornbeck series. Then she published a set of Regency romances. Now she's self-publishing a Southern historical in just a few months. Do you see the problem? I want to read them all, but I'm so hopelessly behind I hardly know which of her books to pick up first! (Let me know in the comments if you have a suggestion!)

1) H.L. Burke

This girl does it all. She writes tons of books, all while organizing promotional efforts, coordinating anthologies, and homeschooling her kids. I stand in awe. Her stories have a great mix of snarky humor, cool magic systems, and swoon-worthy romances that make me want to read every one! But I just can't keep up. To illustrate how hard I'm trying, I read an advance review copy of her new July release, Flower, a few weeks ago. Now I'm reading an advance review copy of her upcoming release, Spice Bringer, while simultaneously listening to her Nyssa Glass series on audiobook. And I'm still behind! I haven't read books 2 and 3 in the Spellsmith & Carver series, I've barely touched her backlist of books, and she has two more coming out in the next few months. I salute you, H.L. Burke, but you really are contributing to the giant problem that is my TBR mountain :)

How about you? Are there any authors in your life who publish books faster than you can read them? What are some of the books at the top of your TBR pile / mountain?

Thanks for reading!


  1. YES TO ALL OF THIS. XD I haven't read any of Morgan Busse's books yet but I just picked up a copy of Tainted at Realm Makers and Mark of the Raven looks AMAZING!

    I'm behind on Melanie Dickerson and H.L. Burke too. XD

    I still haven't read Melanie's first two books because I keep reading the new ones! I have The Orphan's Wish on my current TBR stack (her latest) and I still have to read the other two in her Regency series, and I'm sooo excited for her upcoming Magnolia Summer. But yeah, I can't keep up. :P I don't know which of hers you've read, but The Fairest Beauty was my first of hers so it's special to me, and I especially enjoyed her second Thornbeck Forest one, The Beautiful Pretender. The first Regency was fun too. :D But I'm so behiiind. XD

    I just got a copy of Flower at Realm Makers and preordered Spice Bringer so I'm looking forward to those, but yeah, I've not gotten anywhere near catching up on her backlog of titles and I still need to finish the Nyssa series (I've only read the first). I enjoyed all the Spellsmith and Carver books (SO GOOD!) and Beggar Magic, and I've also read Coiled and the first Nyssa, but aaall the rest I need to get around to reading -- I think I have all of them in ebook and just need to do it, but I keep reading the new ones instead! XD

    Sorry for the long comment but I really related to this. :P

  2. Yay, thank you so much for commenting, Deborah! Enjoy Tainted! I agree, Mark of the Raven looks SO GOOD! Ha, I think I've read Melanie Dickerson's first four books (I loved The Fairest Beauty, too!), but none since then. SO much catching up to do! And I'm pretty comparable with Heidi's books - I just finished the third Nyssa audiobook, I've read Beggar Magic, Coiled, Flower, the first Spellsmith & Carver, and most of her Dragon and the Scholar series. So top priority will be the rest of Spellsmith & Carver, but I have a feeling by the time I catch up with those she'll be done with the Green Princess series! So basically, I really need to take a month off from life to catch up with my reading - it's good to know someone can relate :)

  3. This is a great post topic, Laurie. I completely agree that some write faster than I can keep up with. I enjoyed Tainted and many of Melanie's books (mostly recently The Silent Songbird) and have yet to read any of Heidi's, though I want to.


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