Saturday, December 9, 2017

Top 3 Staff Designs (Lizzie)

While some may say the staff is merely an overgrown wand or a weapon missing a blade, nothing could be further from the truth. Why it's very length (maligned by some as a waste of wood) makes a bold statement about the bearer and adds tremendous usefulness unavailable in the wand. While both wand and staff have their places, one should never dismiss the staff to the umbrella stand with the hiking sticks.

Top 3 Staff Designs

1. The Scepter Staff

This elegant staff, the traditional choice of royalty--or the ambitious--due to its resemblance to a scepter, comes topped with a polished sphere sure to capture attention. The lovely ornamental topper is available in a variety of colors--to match your eyes or the colors of your kingdom--and can be made to glow with the slightest use of magic. The smoothness of the sphere also makes this design a comfortable resting place for pets or feathered servants.
Maleficent in Disney's 1959 Sleeping Beauty modeling
The Queen's Staff. Note how well it suits her in her
royal surroundings.

2. The Wanderer Staff

When you have places to go, nothing could be better than the durable Wanderer Staff. With a comfortable, polished grip and a decoratively rustic topper, this is the choice for those who love a good adventure. Walking stick, fighting staff, or magic-conductor, this is the choice of the wizards the world relies on.

Gandalf demonstrating the supreme usefulness of the
The Wanderer Staff on his journey through Middle Earth.

3. The Warrior Staff

Used by such heroes as Robin Hood and Errol Stone, this non-magical staff is for those whose skill, speed, and courage always save the day. Note: Skill, speed, and courage are sold elsewhere.
Robin Hood and Little John showing their prowess
 with The Warrior Staff in Disney's The Story of Robin Hood.

Which staff design suits you best? Or do you prefer the wand?


  1. I'll take a wanderer staff, imbued with a bit of magic to aid me in my travels. ☺ Great post, Lizzie!

    1. Great choice, Jill! A bit of magic would be helpful while traveling.

  2. Fun post, Lizzie! I'd totally go for the scepter staff, ideally with a topper that could change colors depending on my mood :)

    1. Haha. The mood staff. I think it'd be a bestseller!

  3. Great post! I would have to go with the wanderer's staff because I love to travel:)


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