Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Reflections of Christmas Past (Julie)

Christmastime is the season of glad tidings, being with family, exchanging gifts, and singing Christmas carols. But what’s the holidays without spreading a little yuletide cheer by playing pranks on your family?  

My brother is lucky enough to have three sisters, so naturally there has to be a Christmas morning where we gave him his present, hidden in a lovely, Victoria Secret’s bag. Mostly though we played tricks on Dad. We gave him half his present one time, feigned ignorance when he told us our mistake, then produced the other half a few minutes later. "Oh look what we found!" Another time we bought him a saw and instead of wrapping that up, we wrapped up a log.

I've also taken part of one of the very popular gift pranks to play on an unsuspecting person...the gift of boxes. You have a small gift hidden at the bottom of several progressively larger boxes. That one's always fun to watch how impatient the person gets as they go through empty box after empty box until finally getting to the small one at the bottom.

That's just a few of the fun times over the past Christmases. How about your family? Do you have any fun, inspiring prank stories from your own Christmas past to share?


  1. Yes, we had a few pranks. ;) Like the time we wrapped up one of Daddy's favorite movies instead of the set of related movies we bought. He was kind enough to assume we'd bought him a new copy to have when the old one worn out.

  2. I've done the one with the nesting boxes and the Victoria's Secret bag, too. I've also filled an air-tight container with water and placed it in the package with the gift so when the person shakes it, they hear sloshing. :-)

    1. Haha nice! I bet that got them to wondering what in the world was the present!

  3. This was such a fun post! We've done the series of boxes prank but I can't think of any others. It sounds like your family really had fun with holiday gift-giving :)


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