Saturday, September 24, 2022

Weekend Reads: The Light Princess by George MacDonald (Sarah)


The Light Princess, a fairy tale by George MacDonald, tells the story of a princess who is cursed to have no gravity—in body, but also in soul. She cannot feel as ordinary individuals do—she possesses no sympathy or compassion, but is always both light of spirit and light of body, which presents all sort of challenges. Her parents are determined to break the curse, yet all their efforts avail nothing.

Then a fault-finding prince enters the picture…and well, you can read for yourselves! It’s a sweet, relatively short book with a strong theme of sacrificial love. I’d read it in the past myself, but I recently re-read it aloud to my daughter, and she was delighted with it. If you enjoy classic fantasy and fairy tales, it’s worth taking a look.

Since it was published in 1864, it’s in public domain, and you can read it online, but I’d recommend getting a nice illustrated edition (I have the leather-bound Rabbit Room Press version with linocut illustrations), especially if you’re going to read it to your kids.

Are you a fan of older fantasy and fairy tales?

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