Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Story Snippets: Illusionary (Desiree)

Hello, fellow story travelers!! Summer fun has officially bid us ado. And I’m torn on whether to mourn the loss or be excited for the next adventure I spy dancing along the horizon. 

I’m probably a mixture of both. :-) Which tends to be a new normal for me. Ha! 

Although, I am super excited for today’s Story Snippet! I do have a secret project in the works, and while I’m not sharing that one—just yet!—I would love to share a fun snapshot from my book, Illusionary, for those who are new to my writing. 

Kam and Reese are characters dear to my heart for a number of reasons. And I hope you enjoy this look at Kam’s tumble into the Land of Ur. Enjoy! 


Liv crossed over the top of the stairs as Kam turned to head out. Her sister spotted the bags in her hand. “What are you doing?” She blinked almost as if her brain refused to compute.

Kam squared her shoulders, ready for battle. “You may not like it, and you may not understand, but I have to do this.”

Liv’s brow creased. “Aren’t you a little old for running away?”

She lifted her chin. “It’s called moving out.”

“And where would you go?”

“I can crash at a friend’s house until after my trip—which would only be for a week. Not sure if nosey-Tina told butt-wipe that. Afterwards, I’ll … figure something out.” It couldn’t be too hard. People left home all the time.

She squeezed past her sister, but the strap of her camera bag caught the corner of the hand rail. Her feet staggered over the top step. She scrambled to find her footing.

“Come on, Kam—”

Liv tugged her shoulder to spin her around, but only succeeded in throwing Kam more off balance.

The soles of her flats slipped off the next step. Her fingers skimmed the railing, seizing nothing but air. The weight of her duffel bag tugged her backward and made gravity her new enemy.

Kam went airborne.

Her sister’s eyes bulged. She stretched out her hands to grab her.

The gem of her necklace heated against her chest. A spurt of golden light flashed.

Then sharp pain jolted through Kam’s hip. Another flare shot through her shoulder as she tumbled down the steps.

Over and over she rolled.

Her arm smacked against the banister. Her head cracked into the steps. Dots danced across her eyesight. Crashing into the landing, her body bounced off the floor and then sagged against the wall.

The faintest hint of earth stirred her senses from the prickling against her cheek. Golden light flooded her vision. Then everything went black. 

Twittering birds tugged at Kam’s consciousness. Heat warmed her back. She groaned and stretched her legs out. Hair tickled her face, and she pushed it out of the way, propping herself up with the other arm.

Rubbing the back of her throbbing head, she blinked until squashed blades of green grass came into view. Something stuck to her forehead. She swatted at it, clearing away flecks of dirt.

She drew her legs up to sit upright. Her heart hammered into her ribs, and her eyes widened.

A wooden grove encircled her. Vibrant bushes dotted with red flecks swayed with the wind. Sunlight streamed through slits in the canopy of leaves above. Tiny, fluffy birds fluttered along the sunbeams, their merry tunes lending more credibility to her insanity.

“Whaa …” She fingered the knot growing on her head.

Unconscious and dreaming. That’s what was happening.

She staggered to her feet. Her muscles tightened, screaming in protest. She arched her back and then leaned to the side to stretch.

Pain shouldn’t occur in a dream. So hallucination was the next logical step, right? She must have cracked her head pretty hard. Rubbing her sore hip, she allowed her gaze to wander. Pieces of bread littered the ground near a far bush. She squinted, bringing cheese, meat, and a scrap of fabric into focus.

Something rustled the bush. She pressed against a nearby tree. The rough bark ground into her tender flesh.

A whoosh shot through the grove, followed by a stinging of her cheek and a vibration near her ear.

Multi-colored feathers of blue, green, and yellow stuck off the end of an arrow shaft.

Kam scooted over, her hair tangling against the tree trunk.

The arrowhead lay embedded mere centimeters from where her face had been.

“I assure you, wanderer,” a masculine voice called from beyond the brush. “That is the only warning my archer will give you.”

Her heart dropped to her stomach. She reached shaky fingers to her cheek, only to swallow a whimper when the tips drew back coated with blood.

Someone had shot at her. Actually shot at her! 

I hope you enjoyed this snippet of Illusionary

I can’t wait to share more story adventures with you soon!!

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