Friday, June 5, 2020

Weekend Reads: Selkie's Song (Laurie)

We made it to the weekend! This is an especially significant weekend for me since my kiddos just finished up virtual learning for the year. Bring on summer vacation!

And speaking of summer, I thought a perfect Weekend Read to share this week would be Selkie's Song by our own Kimberly A. Rogers! This was a creative, romantic retelling of "The Little Mermaid" that I absolutely loved! Not surprisingly, it takes place by the sea, so it's perfect reading material for those trips to the beach :)

In Selkie's Song, Naia is treated as a bit of an outcast due to her unusual appearance and her interest in human pastimes such as gardening and crafts. When her pelt is stolen and she finds herself the guest / prisoner of a misguided prince, Naia must fit in as best she can with human society while figuring out how to return to her people. Malik, the ruler of Naia's selkie clan, risks his position and the wrath of his fellow selkies to rescue her. But the root of Naia's captivity turns out to be much more complicated than a lovesick prince, and Naia and Malik must work together to return Naia home before it's too late to save her and their entire clan.

Did I mention this retelling was creative? I don't want to give too much away, but the dynamic between Naia and the prince and Vanessa (the girl he was supposed to marry before he got distracted by his fascination with selkies) was just such a clever twist! The romance was slow and sweet with lots of swoon-worthy moments that made me grin :) I really enjoyed learning about the selkies' society and the relationships between the different kingdoms. Naia and Malik were each characters I wanted to root for right from the start and developed in meaningful ways over the course of the story, and the secondary characters were fun and complex with a few surprises of their own! I would definitely recommend Selkie's Song to fans of fairy tale retellings, and I'm looking forward to reading more of the series!

Have you read any good fairy tale retellings lately? What is your favorite Little Mermaid retelling?

Have a great weekend!

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