Saturday, October 19, 2019

Top 3 Costumes (Julie)

Halloween is coming soon and even as an adult, dressing up is fun (at least for me). It's a chance to let our creativeness shine. And also to role play from one of our favorite books or movies! I haven't had the chance to do much dressing up the past few years, but if I could, these are the top three choices I would love to try out!

3) Mary Poppins. I'm thinking of the dress she wears on the painting scene. It's so airy and dainty and fun looking. Wearing this one would be sure to put a song in my heart. I could frolic along the avenue eating a spoonful of sugar.

2) A Pride and Prejudice costume would be so much fun!! I love the period costumes and have always wanted to dress up in one of those...especially the ball gowns.

1) Tauriel from The Hobbit. Really, this would be my number one because her outfit is so similar to my own character-who isn't an elf but there are similarities. Dressing as Tauriel would help me get into character in more than one way.

 I doubt I'll be able to dress up this year, but what about you?  Any of the above, or some other favorite character your itching to try out?


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