Saturday, January 5, 2019

Top Three Reading Resolutions for the New Year (KaLyn)

The 2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge has ended! How did you do?

After adjusting my goal half-way through the year, I managed to squeak by in the end with twenty-four books. Twenty-four books is a realistic goal for me, and I'll be sticking with it again this year. But I will be changing some reading tactics.

More Focus

Oh, how the marvels of technology have influenced the flow of information and the formats in which we consume it. Don't get me wrong. I love tech. It's part of what drew me into the world of coding and software development before I left the workforce to homeschool our youngest child who is both gifted and challenged in some of the same ways I am. But it is those same tech changes that continue to impact my attention span through overstimulation.

So, this year, I aim to reign-in my screen time and use of technology by doing more work the old fashioned way - books and paper - and to set boundaries for when and how long I do fire up a computer, pick up a smartphone, or even read on an e-reader.

More Audiobooks

Sometimes it's nice to have someone else read to you, especially after you've been staring at words on a screen all day. Even with a nice set of glasses to reduce blue light exposure it can be taxing. Plus, audiobooks are great for road trips.

More Fiction

Only a third of the books from my Goodreads challenge last year was non-fiction, but it doesn't reflect the amount of time I spent reading non-fiction. I often combed over passages, materials from professional development classes, and various articles multiple times.

Honestly, learning is somewhat of a compulsion for me so my consumption of non-fiction will not change. However, I do plan to spend more time reading fiction. Starting with two books releasing this month that I've been looking forward to reading: Black Blood, the conclusion of the Children of the Blood Moon series by S.D. Grimm and Flare, the second book in the Firebrand Chronicles by J.M. Hackman.

Do you have any reading goals for the new year?


  1. Thanks for sharing your goals, KaLyn; they're good ones (& for the shout-out! πŸ’œ) I need to read more non-fiction--any referrals?
    Happy 2019!

  2. You're most welcome. I was excited to read the announcement. Non-fiction referrals? Not sure what would interest you. My non-fiction reading tends to be researched oriented and narrowly focused. However, one of the documentaries I recently watched was on Temple Grandin. She has several books that look interesting, including an autobiography. Hoping to read some of her books this year.
    Happy New Year, Jill! <3

  3. I have only recently found a love for audiobooks. That's a good way to get in more reading!

    1. It is! And it seems like more people are talking about listening to them, not just on road trips, but also while exercising or doing work around the house.


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