Saturday, December 8, 2018

Top 3 Christmas Desserts (Lizzie)

One of the best things about the Christmas season is the food. It's not especially healthy and is difficult if you have issues with certain foods (like anything containing gluten, which is almost everything baked), but, forgetting that for a moment, I'd like to share some of my favorite desserts. Be sure to share yours in the comments!

1. Fruit cake cookies

My mom makes these, and I love them, all the candied fruits and nuts jammed together in a little odd-shaped mound of goodness.

2. Pecan Pie

Thanksgiving and Christmas are both times for this Southern tradition. My older sister makes it the best.

3. Sugar cookies

Tasty and can come in fun shapes. I enjoy making these and the similar tea cake cookies each year.

Honorable mention goes to Russian tea cake cookies and the traditional candy canes.

To go along with these, however, I love to drink wassail and hot apple cider, and more hot chocolate than usual.

What are your favorite Christmas desserts?

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