Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Counting Blessings (KaLyn)

Setting goals keeps me focused. Tracking them improves my productivity. But any unrealized goals, failures, or mistakes are used for growth and then packed away.

Instead of focusing on the items that have been measured all year long, I’m count blessings. Making lists and asking questions like:

  • List a line you wrote that you love.
  • Out of everything you wrote this year, which piece is your favorite?
  • What positive discovery did you make that will help you next year?
  • How did you grow this year?
  • List those who have supported or mentored you. How did they encourage you? What did you learn from them? Have you considered writing them a thank-you note?
  • Name someone you mentored or supported and how you did so.
  • Describe a moment when you were struggling and someone lifted you up.
  • Describe a moment you lifted someone else up.
  • How many times did you keep going when you wanted to quit? It takes courage to press on when you feel defeated.

Making a list of the years blessings and celebrating even the tiniest of successes helps me let go of what I didn’t accomplish and cultivate a more grateful spirit. Really, it’s good to do all year long.

What about you? What blessings are you counting?


  1. A great idea! Something I definitely need to focus more on.

  2. I love these questions, KaLyn! This is a much more encouraging, productive way to reflect than to compare with other authors or focusing on what didn't get done. Thanks for sharing!


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