Saturday, November 3, 2018

Would You Rather Top 3

It's amazing what you hear when you are around young kids. I'm a bus monitor a few days a week
and have amassed a following of lower elementary children who delight themselves in playing games with me. For example, we all got new names today. Hello, my name is Relish. You will also find Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Mustard, and Hot Dog nearby. I'm not sure what happened to Bun. We play "Guess what word I'm saying backwards", "I Spy", "Miss Mary Mack", "Knock Knock", and today we started "Would You Rather".

Playing "Would You Rather" with children from Pre-K to 5th grade gets quite interesting. Would you rather eat bug flavored ice cream or bugs? Would you rather eat a bus or a truck? (Can you guess who
asked that one?) Would you rather eat a taco with live bugs or eat a plain, live bug. There's definitely a theme of bugs here. But then I got this one: would you rather control the four elements or control the world?

Okay, I have to admit I went for the four elements. Because that would be way cool. I leave controlling the world to Pinky and the Brain.

Since I've had so much fun playing this game, I thought we could all play it! So here it is...

"Would You Rather" Fantasy Edition:

1) Would you rather fight your enemy with a sword or bow and arrow? Think Legolas or Katniss.
In a pinch, a sword can be whipped out faster than having to notch your arrow and aim, unless of course your sword gets stuck in your scabbard. However, sword fighting is only useful in close proximity battles, whereas a bow and arrow is great for long-range fighting. You see the bad guy coming and bam, he's been shot by your well-placed arrow. If you are not so much of a weight lifter, the arrow might be the better option as swords are notoriously heavy.

My choice: I'd rather have a bow and arrow because it looks so cool when Katniss does it. Plus I'd prefer fighting my battles before I see the whites of their eyes. 

2) Would you rather wear a cape, a cloak, or nothing( I mean accessory here)? Superman vs. Doctor Strange vs. Mr. Incredible! According to Edna in The Incredibles, absolutely no capes, darling!! Though Superman and Thor get away with it, what purpose does it really serve except look cool? Dr. Strange's cloak is stylish and useful by giving its wearer the ability to levitate and fly. It's also known
to help you fight so that's double the fighting power! The problem with cloaks and capes is that they are flowy and can get in the way. Your enemy could potentially snag your cape/cloak and hinder you, or pull it over your head as well. If those example are giving you the willies, then no cloak or cape is right for you.

My choice: I'd rather have a cloak. I love the look of it flowing out behind you are you saunter up to your enemy. And it's great for chilly days!

3) Would you rather be telepathic or have telekinesis? You're thinking telekinesis because you wouldn't want someone reading your mind? Am I right? Did I just read your mind? I'm a bit biased on telepathy because my main character in my novel has the ability to communicate that way. Though
she can't necessarily read the other person's mind but more of sense what's going on. That can come in very handy in a battle or dangerous situation when stealth is required. It can however make for some very awkward moments. Serious control is required. Telekinenis also doesn't require much effort, except from your brain. I tend to think of Luke on this one. "Use the force, Luke". Out of reach items are no longer a problem! The downside is a rather hefty risk. You must regularly exercise and eat healthy.

My choice: For myself, I'd rather have telekinesis. Think of the endless possibilities of a teacher with telekinesis! "I said time was up. Hand in your papers!" "Is that a cell phone I see?" "What kind of food are hiding behind your back?"

What would you rather?


  1. Fun post, Julie! Sounds like the kids like having you as a bus monitor. :) Those are tough choices. And you forgot the staff! Personally, I'd like all three weapons so I can choose the appropriate one for the situation. Probably the four elements. And a cloak. They do look so cool!

  2. What a fun game! Love it. I would definitely choose controlling the elements.

    Bow and arrow; NO cape; and telepathic for me!


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