Saturday, June 16, 2018

Top 3 Reasons to Read

If you ever want to hear the real sigh of relief, just listen to a teacher when all the kids are gone for
the summer. You love them, but it's time for a much needed break.This week I've seen my kids graduate middle school, finished my grades, cleaned my classroom, and also typhoon-ized it. Yes, I live in on an island where we have to typhoon-ize our rooms every summer. And as I was taping plastic over my bookcase, the wind was howling and the rain came down in buckets because a tropical storm was blowing past us.

Now that I am free for two months, I will be traveling to the states to visit family. It also means a trip, or several, to the bookstore!!! There may also be a big sigh of contentment when I walk through those doors and see rows upon rows of books in English!

So in anticipation of that glorious occasion, here are my top 3 reasons to read:

1) Want to live longer? Read a book. Seriously. According to a
study done by Yale, reading a few hours a week will extend your life! How cool is that??!! It's all about maintaining brain function that extends your life for about two years. There's also evidence that it improves memory and focus, and helps fight against diseases like Alzheimer. Go feed your brain. Read a book.

2) It increases your imagination. I love getting lost in the fictional worlds created for us in books, and I often use them for inspiration in my own stories. Writers block? Read a book.

3) Stress reducer. Way cooler than a stress ball and much healthier than chocolate (although not as tasty). A well-chosen book can allow you to immerse yourself in a world away from the stress of life. Life happens. Read a book.

Bonus: I couldn't resist this one. Reading makes you more interesting and attractive. What more needs to be said?

Now you know some of the benefits of reading, what are you waiting for? Go live long and be attractive!


  1. I love the fact reading makes you live longer! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Reading is definitely a great source of inspiration and escape! Great list!


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