Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Personal Notes (Julie)

Last week for us was Teacher Appreciation week. By far, the number one gift I've gotten over the years has been something coffee related. Which would be awesome. If I drank coffee. As I was putting the second stash of coffee in the teacher's lounge, one of the other teachers asked how I
survived without coffee. My answer: I just suffer through. In fact, I very frequently feel like an outcast among teachers because of my no coffee mentality. But that's okay. I have my tea, which is decaffeinated...but anyway. It's all in the mind. Right?

Most teachers turn to coffee to get them through the stresses of the day. Now that the school year is winding down, my stress level
goes up. I find myself running to the store more often for those chocolate covered almonds.

For me, relieving stress comes in many forms. I love taking naps when everything is quiet and you don't have to do anything for those few precious minutes. Exercising is helpful, especially after I eat too many chocolate covered almonds. I bet most of us would agree that reading a good book is a top choice.

Sometimes I have the habit of staying at home too much, and I have to remind myself to go outside (when it's nice) and enjoy God's creation. A little bit of vitamin D works wonders for clearing the mind.

What about you? Are you in a stressful, busy time of life right now? What are your favs for stress relief?


  1. Reading and going for a walk helps clear my mind, and I'm able to deal with stress better.(Also, I don't like coffee either! ☺) Thanks for the post, Julie!

  2. I don't drink coffee either, Julie, so at least you're in good company on Lands Uncharted :) I know what you mean, though, we live in such a coffee culture that it can be isolating to go against that trend. I definitely turn to chocolate for stress relief. I also enjoy singing and playing piano as a way to relax. Great post!

  3. Great post! Praying and being alone outside helps me. If it’s been stacking up for awhile, then I’ll find something to pump adrenaline in my system. It makes it easier to deal with other things.


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