Saturday, May 12, 2018

A Top 3 Tribute to Mothers (Julie)

This weekend we celebrate our mothers. So I was thinking about books that have strong mother characters, but sadly, came up somewhat lacking. In many YA books, parents tend to be clueless and helpless, and it's up to the child to save the day. In fact, a lot of books have the mother kidnapped and the kid(s) has to save her.

In honor of our mothers, I've racked my brain and goodreads list to come up with 3 stories, in no particular order, with strong(ish) mother characters.

1) The Menagerie:The main character's mother is missing, but his friend's mom is around through this trilogy. The kids respect her and she is smart and wise and actually works together with the kids to save the day. 

2) Land of Stories:The mom in this series is well loved by her two kids. She does get kidnapped in one of the later books, but even through that experience she stays strong and tries to be useful.

3) Harry Potter series. Harry's parents are dead, but I really like Ron's parents. Mrs. Weasley is a lot of fun and a formidable mom. Definitely not the clueless, helpless mother of so many books.

Honorable mention: Pride and Prejudice. Ahh... Mrs. Bennet. What a mother! As with any mother with five daughters, she only wants to see them married, to a man with money. All the while vexing her family while working out her schemes.

Do you know of other books with strong mother characters?


  1. A great post, Julie. Laurie mentioned the lack of parents in YA fantasy in a guest posts not long ago. Mothers are hard to find in the genre. The Warrior Heir has a strong mother in it, though she is clueless about magic.

  2. It is tough to think of not just YA mothers, but strong ones. In Jill’s book, Spark, the mother is kidnapped in the beginning but once she’s free she joins the fight. I consider her to be a strong mother.

  3. Love it! Especially that Mrs. Bennett got a shout-out :) I love Mrs. Weasley too, and I agree with KaLyn that the mom in Spark is great.


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