Thursday, November 16, 2017

When You're Not Reading Fantasy (Lizzie)

A quick note before we get started with today's Your Turn post: Thanks to everyone who participated in the re-release giveaway for The Rose and the Wand. I had a blast and am eager to announce the winners: third prize goes to April from Texas, second to Lucy from West Virginia, and first to Shirley from Arkansas! Congrats, ladies, and I hope you enjoy the book and the prizes. Now, on to our regularly scheduled blog post. :)

Your Turn: When You're Not Reading Fantasy

I have a confession to make. Though I write fairy tale-like fantasy, I mostly read inspirational historical romance. But that really shouldn't be too shocking because fantasy novels, at least the fairy tale-like and Tolkienesque stories I read, are essentially historical fiction with a bit of magic or magical creatures thrown in.

A delightful inspirational historical
 romance about Lady Eliza, an heiress
whose fortune and family's reputation
have been stolen. She goes undercover
as a governess in 1880s New York to track
down the thief. Mischief, mayhem,
and romance follow.
The first of a captivating medieval
murder mystery series following
endearing surgeon Hugh de Singleton.
Lots of historical detail and insight
into medieval beliefs (it includes
 appearances by John
Wycliffe) add to its interest.
My question for you today is what genre or genres do you read when you're not reading fantasy?

For me, it's historical romance, classics (especially novels by Jane Austen or Charles Dickens), or mystery.

Most recently, I read Jen Turano's A Change of Fortune (historical romance) and Mel Starr's The Unquiet Bones (mystery and historical fiction).


  1. Hi, I'm kind of all over the map. I read YA fantasy of course, some romance, non-fiction, and even recently read Full Wolf Moon by Lincoln Child which is a thriller with a little supernatural/spekkie vibe going for it. But I guess my usual go to is light-hearted romance, which is what I wrote before I started writing Spark. The news is so dismal these days, I need something to make me laugh.

  2. Eclectic reading habits is good. Gives you a lot of fodder for your stories. I've been enjoying The History of English podcast and have picked up a lot of ideas and historical tidbits for my novels.

  3. I mostly read fantasy, though a lot of it has more of a contemporary feel than what I write. But I like taking breaks from fantasy too - at those times I'll read anything from historical to contemporary, but there's usually romance involved :)

  4. I also mostly stick with fantasy, but I do enjoy fun, romantic historical fiction:)


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