Saturday, August 12, 2017

Top 3 Time Suckers (Jill)

I've been working on a project recently with a single-minded focus. Or at least trying to. After coming back from the Realm Makers Conference, I was energized to get back to work. I'd learned so much and spent such a good time with like-minded friends. But once I unpacked everything I'd experienced, I found myself spinning my wheels, getting distracted, and just in general not getting as much done as I'd like.
And it's due to Time Suckers-- those things we do that take time away from our projects. I'm not talking about laundry or meal prep or running errands. I'm talking about those things that really aren't necessary, even though we sometimes make excuses for them.

3. Crafty projects
As a creative, I tend to have several DIY projects going at once. Near my favorite chair, some beautiful Swarovski crystals are packed in a bag, waiting to be wire-wrapped. There's a piece of cool embossed fabric sitting on the counter that will be turned into a book cover. I also have some paper I've put aside for Christmas cards (I have to start early. Fall/winter is crazy busy in our household.)

 2. Social Media
When I sit down to write, I often find myself opening up my email, or my Facebook account, or my Twitter account to see what's happening. This is a terrible habit and before I can blink, I've lost an hour or more. Pinterest is even worse. With one peek, I'll be sucked into a visual rabbit hole and won't emerge until hours later. So I'm making an effort to focus on the project (and only the project!) when I sit down at the computer.

1. Reading
Writers are told to read, read often, and read in our genre. But there comes a time, when I need to put the book down and start working. Sometimes it's so tempting to start reading one more book, because the cover is so gorgeous, and that blurb so interesting, and... I have to stop. And start putting my own words on paper.

So these are the top three things that distract me from finishing my project. What are yours? Any of these? Or do you have other distractions that make you lose focus?
Share them below -- we'd love to hear about them!


  1. Social media and just wasting time, like overthinking emails and such. I wish it was something as fun as craft projects! Or as useful as "research" reading.

    1. Social media is evil; it's such a waste of time. Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth!

  2. I totally feel you with social media. I thought SM was supposed to help us do more! 😊

  3. Ugh, yes social media is the worst time-sucker! I've also been having an issue with audiobooks lately. It starts out as a good thing, because I get to make my way through a book as I do chores. But if I get too sucked in then I end up just sitting on the couch, listening - not quite so productive :(

  4. You're not alone, Laurie! I can't do audiobooks for precisely that reason -- just sitting & listening. 😣


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