Thursday, February 23, 2017

Your Creativity Playlist (Laura)

Some people like to listen to music while they write, draw, or do other creative work. I tend to avoid music while I write, but I've also never tried it and would like to. When I work on other creative projects, I enjoy listening to many types of music, as long as the rhythm, melody, and/or lyrics stir me.

A few songs I would especially love to include on a playlist are:

          We Belong Together or anything by Gavin DeGraw
          Back to December (Taylor Swift)
          Anything by The Fray
          Ordinary Day (Vanessa Carlton)
          Something Beautiful (Needtobreathe)
          Beautiful World (Carolina Liar)
          Anything by Anna Nalick
          Melody (Kate Earl)
          Where I Stood (Missy Higgins)
          Reflecting Light (Sam Philips)
          Another Country (Tift Merritt)
          Wedding Planner soundtrack
          Shall We Dance soundtrack

I could go on!

What would make your creativity playlist?


Ordinary Day:


  1. Ooh, this looks like a great playlist! But I can't write to music :( Even instrumental music is too distracting for me, I need good old silence to be able to concentrate.

    1. I hear you! I will probably give it a try sometime and see how it goes, but it seems like it would be distracting when you're working with words. It's interesting how so many people do it and it works well for them.


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