Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bidding You Adieu (Elizabeth)

Well, this is going to be my last Lands Uncharted post for a while. I'm doing well in school and writing, but it's getting too hectic for me to maintain everything. I'm going to leave Lands Uncharted to improve my own blog and focus on some personal goals. I remember the first email Laurie sent me asking me if I'd join: “If you ever have any interest in doing a group blog in addition to your personal blog, let me know :)”
It's been over a year since, and I've enjoyed being in a group blog immensely. It's great to have people to keep you accountable and to work with other writers in your genre. I'm going to miss everyone, and I hope to pop in from time to time. In memory of my times here on Lands Uncharted, I'm doing my last post on my favorite posts.

Favorite Posts I've Written
8 Tips for Curing Writer's Block
Marriage on the Rocks
Shadowing Your Story

Favorite Post By Laurie
The Start of My Publishing Journey... /Favorite Couples From Books
I couldn't decide between the two! I'm so excited for Laurie's Contract!

Favorite Post By Laura
Markus Zusak on Failure (Laura)
I had no idea he had a talk! I can't wait to listen to it.

Favorite Post By Hannah
Welcome to Storytelling Magic! (Hannah)
I love how she introduces Reni--it's such a creative idea. And I'm trying not to be envious of her art skills ;)

Favorite Post By Erin
What is Fantasy?
So informative! I will forever refer to this list when looking at subcategories of fantasy.

Favorite Post By Jill
Top 3 Ways to Combat A Creative Block (Jill)
This mentions several great methods I've used more than once.

What's your favorite post I've written? Which posts on this blog have impacted you the most?

Thank you for reading this last post of mine!
-Elizabeth Newsom


  1. I will miss your posts on here, Liz, but I'm so glad you were able to see what you needed to give up and make the decision- I'm sure it wasn't easy. Best wishes as you continue working on your personal blog and the rest of your writing journey!


  2. Thank you for this great wrap-up post, Liz! It was fun to see which posts from the past year stood out as your favorites :) We wish you all the best with school, your writing, your personal blog, and all your endeavors - we'll miss you!

    1. Thank you, Laurie! I'll miss you too :) Hopefully being critique partners will help us stay in touch.

  3. We will miss you! You always write such great posts!

  4. What a neat "final" post. We will miss you, Liz!! One of my favorite of your posts was "My Writing Journey" from December 16, 2016. It has been a great year, Liz, and hope to see you back! Best of luck!

    1. Oops, I mean "My Writing Journey" from December 13, 2016.

    2. It has been a great year! And thank you :) I hope you enjoy your writing journey as well.

  5. We will miss you, Liz! Blessings on your journey. . . we'll be watching for you!

    1. Thank you, Erin! I'll miss everyone too. Hope you continue to enjoy your writing :)

  6. Bye, Liz! We'll miss you - love and best wishes as you continue on this journey!


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