Saturday, October 15, 2016

Top 3 Unusual Force Powers (Elizabeth)

I was inspired by Laura's Top 3 Magical Elements in Harry Potter, so I decided to do a post on the most unusual Force powers, from Star Wars. When most people think of the Force, the think of telepathy, Jedi mind tricks, agility, and telekinesis, but there are so many more, a few of which I'll be showing you today.

3. Thought bomb
Side of Force: Dark Side

Multiple Sith Lords are required to form this powerful piece of Force weaponry. When the bomb explodes, it completely destroys any Force being in the area, both their bodies and their blue ghosts, and captures their souls in a swirling vortex of eternal torment. Fun.

2. Alter Environment
Side of Force: Light Side

Using this power, a Force-user can manipulate their environment by causing sub-zero temperatures, blistering heat, enough air pressure to burst your ear drums, create fogs, storms, earthquakes, and flash floods.

1. Dopplegänger
Side of Force: Universal

Using this, a Force-user could create duplicate illusions of him or herself, which they could manipulate to talk and move like real people. This power can also be used to make identical illusions of other objects.

If you could have any of these force powers, which would it be? (Hopefully, not many of you would choose the Thought bomb... If you do, I'll have to remember I don't want to get on your "dark side" ;)

Thanks for reading!

-Elizabeth Newsom



  1. Neat! I have yet to run into these in my limited explorations of the SW expanded universe, but I love them all. Well, maybe not the thought bomb. :) I would definitely pick doppelgangers. You could be in multiple places at once, accomplish tasks very quickly, win fights when you should be outnumbered, and protect important objects by creating decoys. Can you tell it's sparked my imagination? ;)


  2. Fun post, Liz! I had no idea the force was so versatile! Alter environment sounds pretty awesome, I actually just used something a bit like that in my big battle scene. Dopplegangers would definitely come in handy, too, but I think I'd steer clear of thought bombs :)

  3. I didn't know any of these things were possible! Call me dark, but Thought Bomb seems like an incredibly powerful and useful tool in a war like the one currently raging between the Empire and Republic. After all, how many times has a deceased Jedi ghost still been able to interfere with the course of events? The Thought Bomb would be a highly efficient and effective way of eliminating the Jedi threat once and for all.

    Alter Environment is very similar to weather manipulation, which I mentioned a while ago is one of my favorite powers. :)

    Doppleganger seems the most versatile of the three you mentioned, but strangely enough wouldn't be my pick if I had to choose one of these.

    My choice between Thought Bomb and Alter Environment would depend entirely on whether I was aligned with the Dark or Light side, since they are mutually exclusive.


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