Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Puss in Shoes (Laura)

I love my cat, and I can't help but write another post about her. (Here is the first one.) This one is dedicated to her shoe fetish. That's right, my cat has a thing for shoes. I personally have a problem saying no to new PJs and notebooks, whereas my cat can't seem to make it past the shoe lineup at home without making a move.
Cat vs. Shoe

They are one of her favorite play things. Who needs rubber bands and milk caps when there are strappy sandals and crisp slip-ons? Though seemingly harmless, they can be quite dangerous when found resting too close to another toy. Never fear! My cat will save the day.

From out of the blue (aka, around the corner), she sails in and tackles the shoe to the ground (read: lands on it awkwardly), then bunny-kicks it into lifelessness. Sometimes this involves an army of shoes (see figure 2A). The shoe isn't moving (because she is no longer kicking it), but she holds it down anyway, just in case the shoe gets a second wind.

The day for the strawberry catnip toy or the helpless string has been saved, though the day for the shoe has been somewhat deflated. Having done a lot of difficult, highly skilled work, my cat must take a nap immediately, directly where she has defeated the fallen shoe. Now that it is no longer a threat, she can cuddle with it, snuggle even. Sounds comfortable to me. Thank goodness she was there or things might have gotten out of hand, what with the shoe sitting there and all.

My brave kitty. Now how could I not be a proud cat mama?

What amusing--at times perplexing--things do your pets do?


Triumph (Taming the Shoe)


  1. Ha, this cracked me up, Laura! It's fortunate you have such a brave kitty to save you from your shoes, and she really is very thoughtful to comfort the shoes she defeats :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Laurie! She's such a funny girl. :)

  2. How adorable! Great pics to go with a great post! : ) Thanks, Laura!~

  3. Aren't animals the best? Your cat is very cute. :)

  4. Photo 2, she has so many decisions to make, so many loveys. In photo 3, she is actually wearing the shoe. Looks like she's planning to step out. She rocks it!

  5. She is such a cute kitty. I used to have one that would play with shoes, but she passed away. I now have two fluffy, lazy, kitty boys who sleep in the most inconvenient locations they can find. :)

  6. Thanks guys for sharing your comments! :-)


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