Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Selection (Elizabeth)

The setting is dystopian in some sort of new America, called Illéa. When the prince of the country is ready to get married, the Selection is created. Thirty-fix girls are chosen to live at the palace, so the prince can see which one he’s compatible with. Think Hunger Games with tiaras 😉 America, the heroine with gorgeous red hair, is one of the Selected, though she signed up thinking she wasn’t going to be Selected. She was kind of coerced into it by her mother and boyfriend, not because he doesn’t want her, but because he wants to give her a chance at a better life (Aww!). She goes to the palace, intent on avoiding marriage to the prince, because her boy friend’s cute, sweet, and everything she could ever want. Or so she thinks.

This is another one of my favorite books. I personally love the dystopian setting and the competition for the prince’s hand. Kind of backwards, since fighting for the princess’s hand is the norm 😉 I enjoyed the entire series immensely. The romance and tension were just wonderful.

What are some books like The Selection that you've read? Which Dystopian YA novels are your favorites? 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Fun post, Liz! I really enjoyed The Selection. I loved the way the relationship between America and Prince Maxon started as a casual friendship and built from there, and America was easy to relate to as she tried to figure things out. I must admit I wasn't quite as impressed by The Elite and The One, they each had some great moments but the ongoing drama between America and Maxon got to be a little much for me, plus it just felt like the entire selection process started to drag. I'm still planning to check out The Heir and The Crown at some point, though :)

    1. The Heir and The Crown are pretty good, though I like her book The Siren better ;)

  2. Thanks, Liz! This is intriguing. I haven't ever read about it, so I am happy I now know what it is about! Thank you!


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