Thursday, June 16, 2016

Quote Contest (Erin)

See if you can identify the book or movie these quotes came from! (Extra credit if you can identify the speaker.) In the process, you'll learn some of my favorite books. Leave a comment with your answers. Include your email, and if you get them all right, we'll enter you into a drawing to win a paperback copy of John Otte's book Failstate.  Look for my interview with John Otte later this summer! 

Hints: All but one of the quotes are originally from fantasy books, and four of the six books have been made into major movies. The other two were made into a bad B movie and a bad TV movie.  

No fair Google-searching the quotes! : ) 

My immediate family and other Lands Uncharted contributors aren't eligible to win the contest--even though we love all of you!

The contest will close Monday night, June 20, at midnight, CST. If you win, I will contact you by email, in order to get the address you would like your book sent to.

1. Death cannot stop true love--all it can do is delay it for a while.

2. It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

3. Dark and difficult times lie ahead. Soon we must all face the choice between what is right  and what is easy. 

4. Love. That was what she had that IT did not have.

5. When the dark is rising, six shall turn it back/Three from the circle, three from the track. Wood, bronze iron, water, fire stone/Five shall return and one go alone.

6. Not all who wander are lost. 



  1. Hmmm. . . still no comments? Okay, I'll give you one free. .. #5 is from The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper. It was published in the 1960s. : ) Check it out, if you haven't already. Can anyone get the other 5?
    : ) Erin

  2. Hmm, since no one has responded, I'll go ahead and tell you what I know ;)
    #2 is Pride and Prejudice--love that line!
    #6 is from Lord of the Rings, I believe.
    And those are the only ones I know--without doing online research ;)

  3. Ok, I'll take a stab.

    1. No idea
    2. Pride & Prejudice - "said" by Lizzy
    3. Harry Potter? Dumbledore?
    4. No idea
    5. I was actually just looking at that book the other day and read that quote as part of the book summary. I haven't read the book though.
    6. Lord of the Rings - I've also always liked its opposite "Not all who launder are washed" :)

  4. 1. Pretty sure this is The Princess Bride.
    2. Don't know, but I'll copy everyone else and say Pride and Prejudice. ;-)Sounds right anyway.
    3. one of the Harry Potter books but I have no idea which one.

    4. A Wrinkle In Time -- speaker was Meg.

    5. I knew this one, even thought it was a "gimme."

    6. Lord of the Rings.

  5. : ) So, we still need a #4! : ) I'll give you another hint: the first line is "It was a dark and stormy night." Thanks for playing! We'll see if there are others, but so far, Melinda is in the lead!

  6. Nice work everyone! : ) I'll announce our winner tomorrow! : ) Thanks!


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