Monday, January 23, 2023

Tattoo of Crimson by Sarah Chislon

It's been quiet around here, and while I can't speak for everyone else, I've been juggling a great deal in life and in writing. But I wanted to pop in and share some exciting news. In September, I launched my Blood of the Fae gaslamp fantasy mystery series under the pen name Sarah Chislon (there were far too many Sarah Sawyer authors already, as it turns out). The series starts with the prequel novella Whispers in the Waters, and Tattoo of Crimson (book one) has just launched. 

Society, suitors, and…serial murders?

As much as she desires to please her family, gently-bred herbalist Jessa Caldwell has no intention of making a suitable match—not when she’s seeking the truth about the taint of the fae that lies within her. If she’s to escape the madness brought on by fae-touch, she must devote her energies to seeking a cure.

But then mysterious tattoos begin to appear on the citizens of Avons. None recall receiving these harbingers of death, but all die at the hand of an untraceable killer days or weeks after being marked.

When the tattoo appears on her beloved mentor, Jessa seeks the Magistry with information on the case—yet they refuse to consider her findings, so she must risk both social censure and her own safety to hunt for the killer herself.

Her one possible ally represents her greatest fear—the encroaching Otherworld consuming her mind—and may well undo all her efforts to control her fae-touch. Yet if she forsakes the offered aid, the killer will go free.

Something sinister stalks the streets of her city, and she must decide…how far will she go to stop the killing?

If you’re wondering if the book is for you, here's a bit more about what you can expect:

  • Family secrets
  • A mysterious manor with secret passages
  • Beautiful yet deadly fae
  • A brilliant feline companion
  • Otherworldly intrigues
  • A serial murder mystery
  • Lots of libraries
  • A quick-witted, book-loving heroine
  • And that’s just the beginning…

In celebration of the new release, Whispers in the Waters is free through 1/26 on all major retailers (and direct from So if you'd like to sample the series, you can jump in there.

Happy reading!

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