Friday, January 8, 2021

Weekend Reads: Crown of Shadows and Crown of Moonlight by K. M. Shea (Rachel)

I am a bit late to the urban fantasy reading game. A long-term fan of Kimberly A. Rogers, I only recently dove into a new series Hall of Blood and Mercy by another favorite author, K. M. Shea, because I was impatiently waiting for the next City Between novel by W. R. Gingell. Of course, as most obsessions go, one series led to the next in quick succession. I devoured the Blood and Mercy and started on the next trilogy, Court of Midnight and Deception, the third book of which is due to come out on January 15, 2021.

Leila, a half-human farm girl in Wyoming, is determined to launch her “Responsible Adult” plan. She denies her fae blood and does everything she can to live as a normal human. However, this plan is waylaid by the arrival of a fae horse. Black, scary, and clearly abused, it appeals to Leila’s animal-loving side. She can’t resist taking the apparent stray in and nursing it back to health. To her surprise, though, more of the strange horses arrive over the following days, and they do more than drain the resources of her family farm. They bring a significant change of plan. Through multiple fun and amusing confrontation, Leila discovers she has been made Queen of the fae Night Court without her knowing. Because of this, her life transforms into something she never expected.

The snarky and spunky heroine, Leila, makes these books an entertaining and fun ride. Plopped in an unexpected situation with the odds stacked against her, she is feisty enough to do her best to survive and thrive. Using her humor, her wits, and vivaciousness, she foils her multitudes of objectors' plans.
To support her, Shea introduces a varied and diverse cast of unique characters. From her friends Hazel and Killian from the previous trilogy, Hall of Blood and Mercy, to newcomers like her support staff. I love her companion, a brownie obsessed with human pop culture, and her host of new scary new pets. Oh, and Rigel is too good to miss, especially if you like the silent, mysterious types with a heavy dose of dangerousness.

Crown of Shadows and Crown of Moonlight by K. M. Shea are perfect weekend reads, especially since the third book, The Queen’s Crown, is releasing next week on January 15, 2021.

Court of Midnight and Deception page on Amazon

What urban fantasy series would you recommend to a newbie to the genre?


  1. Welcome to the blog, Rachel! I enjoyed K.M. Shae's Red Rope of Fate. Other than City Between, I haven't read any other urban fantasy, though these sound good.

    1. Thanks for the welcome, Lizzie! I definitely recommend this trilogy and the one before it. The characters appear in each other's books since the heroines are friends and Leila was the neighbor of the hero of Hall of Blood and Mercy.

      I think I have read the Red Rope of Fate. If I haven't, I have it on my Kindle. I will definitely check to make sure I read it. ;)


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