Friday, July 3, 2020

Weekend Reads: The King's Oracle (Vanessa)

Happy Friday! I am so excited to share an exciting book with you for Weekend Reads this week. I recently was given an advanced reader copy of The King’s Oracle by Sherry Torgent and loved it! Before I begin my gushing about it, here’s what it’s about:

The Great Destruction has left the Kingdom of Ferran devastated and divided.

The people of the eagle—the Alrenians—have sought safety in the trees, while the people of the wolf—the Uluns—struggle to survive on the toxic ground. But as resources grow scarcer, both factions must face their impending ruin.

When Wynter, a lowly Alrenian transporter, becomes entangled in a kidnapping scheme, she lands right in the hands of the enemy—the heir to the Ulun crown, Gideon. Driven by an obscure oracle of a past king, Gideon is desperate to save his people, and Wynter is just the pawn he needs in his quest to find Isidor, the land prophesied to be untouched by the Great Destruction.

As their worlds collide, Gideon and Wynter must decide whether they will continue on the destructive paths of their predecessors or embrace a destiny of unity. What follows is a quest more dangerous than either of them could imagine.

Let’s start with the setting. The world building in The King’s Oracle is fantastic. I was sucked right into the Kingdom of Ferran and the dueling nations of Alrenia and Ulun. I loved the conflict and the reason behind it.

Next, the characters. Right away the reader loves Wynter and her determination. She’s not willing to let people run over her or control her. She is strong and able to handle deep sorrow and heartbreak, even though she believes she can’t. Gideon is hard to love at first because you don’t know much about him. But, as the story progresses, you see his tender side and begin rooting for him.

Finally, the plot. I thoroughly enjoyed the engaging plot of The King’s Oracle. It was a quest within a quest! I love stories within stories that also have a deeper meaning beyond the surface.

The writing of this story was absolutely beautiful, and the action, adventure, and romance were perfectly balanced. 5 stars from me!

To purchase The King’s Oracle, click here.

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