Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Supernatural Reassurance! (Heather)

As I paused to think about what to share in today's 'writer's life' post, part of me grimaced at how un-writerly 2020 has been thus far. With my mother in the hospital and rehab for nearly three months, I've been doing much less writing than a writer should, y'know?
But last fall I had this amazing encounter that the Lord keeps reminding me of in this season. Of course, He knew what was coming with my mother's health, which means He knew I would need just such a "God moment" to look back on and cling to. So, I thought it appropriate to share this story with you as part of my personal writing journey. 
Have you ever wished that God was a little more obvious with his direction in your life? I think we’ve all joked about wanting God to send a postcard in the mail telling us what to do in a given situation.
Well, this past Sunday, I experienced something similar to that, and I had to share!
First a bit of background. It’s probably not a revelation to learn that the term “starving artist” has been coined with good reason. I’ve definitely spent more money on my books than I’ve made. I’m thankful beyond words for a husband who is supportive of my dreams and gifts. He has never made me feel like I should give it up, even though I’m not exactly contributing to the household income πŸ˜‰
Still, I’m aware that this ‘job’ of mine costs money and time, and I sometimes question whether I’m doing the responsible thing with both. I mentioned something of the sort to my husband recently, focusing on how I dislike telling people I’m a writer because there’s always a reaction, usually of amazement, and as an introvert I get uncomfortable. It only adds to the awkwardness when they automatically think a book = space on the shelves at Barnes and Nobles and a spot on the bestseller list.
My husband made it abundantly clear that I should not feel that way and that he loved to tell people his wife was an author. As comforting as that was, there remained that sliver of doubt inside that maybe God doesn’t really need me to spend time writing tales of dragons and leprechauns πŸ˜‰
Sunday after church I found myself sitting in my Jeep, while getting gas. Because it’s still 1750 degrees here in Texas, I put my passenger side windows down about 5 inches, aware that some homeless people were nearby. I was alone because my husband had another commitment.
Glancing up from my perpetual Words With Friends game, I saw a man wearing a T-shirt that made me grin: “Ya’ll Need Jesus” it read. Next thing I know, he’s at my passenger window. I glanced up and waved him off, assuming he was asking for money.
He said, “I just wanted to tell you, you’re very beautiful.”
Great. A flirty panhandler, I thought. “Thanks,” I said, dismissively.
“I bet you’re a writer.”
I jerked my head up and looked at him. “What?”
Had I heard him correctly? There must be hundreds of jobs more common and fitting for a woman wearing church clothes and pumping gas than WRITER.
“What do you do?” he asked.
I blinked at him. “Actually, I am a writer.”
He gave me a wide smile. “Well, how do you think I nailed that?”
“I’ve no idea.” I grinned back in amazement.
“I guess you look like a writer.” He shrugged. “Okay now, you keep on writing, y’hear? Take care.”
And he left.
I sat there stunned, aware that such a ‘lucky guess’ was next to impossible. A shiver pricked my skin as it sunk in that God Himself must have sent this man to me. It still gives me a thrill of wonder to think about it, and makes me melt a little to understand how kind and personal God is to have orchestrated this encounter–Jesus shirt and all!
When I told my husband about it, he reeled back and shook his head, perplexed as I felt. He believed, as I do, that this wasn’t a happy coincidence or a good guess.
I’m a writer, ya’ll.
I’m supposed to paint pictures with words and bring dragons and leprechauns to life. I’m supposed to pray my way through plots, lose sleep over deadlines, and craft stories that show the bigness and beauty of God.
He told me so!
I’m humbled, blown away, and EXCITED to move forward without second guessing myself any longer.
Have YOU experienced God moments in your life? Please tell me about them! 
And as a Post Script to this, let me add a couple more "in your face" items, that the Lord orchestrated after this. Actually, you are reading one of them! Out of the blue, the lovely authors of Lands Uncharted contacted me and asked me to join the team! And on the heels of that, a small group of Speculative Fiction authors associated with Realm Makers asked me to join their accountability group. I did NOTHING to pursue either of these opportunities. Didn't even know to seek them out. It's just another sweet way that the great big God of the Universe cares for His own. How humbling! What joy! 
Also, I have to share this photo! A friend who read my original post made this T-shirt for me as a reminder of God's goodness.

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  1. I've had several moments when I felt the God of the universe was looking directly at me. The one associated with writing occurred in December 2018 when I had two weeks to write a 5,000 word short story while getting ready for Christmas and a visit from my in-laws. I ended up writing a 10,000 words short story and encountering the Holy Sprit in a way I didn't know was possible.


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