Saturday, November 2, 2019

Top 3 Books Involving Out-of-Body Experiences (Laurie)

Since Halloween was only a few days ago, I thought I'd feature something a bit spooky in today's post :) I originally planned to write about books with ghosts, but it turns out I've read very few books that include actual ghosts (just not my type of story, I guess!). But I realized that I have read some fabulous books where characters have out-of-body experiences, which is a bit like temporarily becoming a ghost, right? That was my line of thinking, anyway :) So here are my Top 3!

3. Romanov by Nadine Brandes

This was such a powerful story! Gorgeously written and filled with historical details and complex characters who face impossible decisions but never lose hope. I can't say too much about the out-of-body experience in this book due to potential spoilers, but let's just say it's part of the story's cool, mysterious magic system. I haven't read much historical fantasy thus far, but now I definitely want to read more!

2. Ghostlight by Rabia Gale

Here's a book that actually does feature a ghost, and I LOVED it!! But the ghost is actually a spirit separated from a still-living body kind of situation, so it still works for this post :) The setting of Ghostlight is basically a fantasy-esque Regency England, which had me hooked right away. The main characters had some fantastic banter, and the ghostly aspects were sufficiently creepy to be a perfect Halloween read, but still manageable for someone like me who doesn't typically read scary stories.

1. The Dreamworld Duology by Kristina Mahr

I've gushed before about how much I adored these books (such as in our interview with the author, Kristina Mahr). The main character basically lives in two different worlds - part of the royal family by day, invisibly wandering the streets of a sinister city at night. Until she suddenly isn't invisible anymore... Intriguing, right? Her dual life causes plenty of problems, romantically and otherwise, and I could hardly put down these beautifully written books.

There's one more series I debated including on my list, because the books are amazing and it does include an out-of-body experience - the problem is, the fact that the character is having an out-of-body experience would be a MAJOR spoiler, so I will leave the series unnamed. Just know that there are other great examples out there, too :)

Do you have any favorite books involving an out-of-body experience? Are there any specific types of books you enjoy reading around this time of year?

Thanks for reading!


  1. These all sound great! I loved Fawkes, so I am looking forward to reading my copy of Romanov. I just finished WR Gingell's Lady of Dreams, and it would fit perfectly on this list.

  2. I bet I know what the other series you didn't name is...

  3. I enjoyed Romanov, even though the story makes me so sad overall.

    I've been wanting to read the Dreamworld duology. I've got to pick that up!


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