Saturday, September 7, 2019

Top 3's: A Birthday Celebration! (Katie)

Top 3 Birthdays! (Katie)

Hi everyone! In case you didn't know, today is my birthday! Hip hip hooray! In celebration, I am doing a giveaway (you can find the details at the end of this post)! I mostly like my birthday, and I haven't ever been too caught up on getting older. I get that it's a touchy subject for a lot of people, and I also understand that many people take the "you're only as old as you feel" stand. I am not one of either of those types. I absolutely feel my age (OK, usually I feel older than my age), but it doesn't bother me in the least. 

So, Happy Birthday to me! Today, I'm sharing 3 of my top birthday memories. Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, not all of my birthday memories are great. Like all of us, I have had ups and downs. But some of my birthdays have been exceptionally nice.

# 3

Sweet 16! My best friends threw me a slumber party at one of their houses. We ate pizza and ice cream and went swimming, and I remember having a really GREAT time. I've got lots of good memories from that party.


Turning 18! So, my husband and I weren't allowed to start dating until I turned 18. That meant our first official date got to happen right around my 18th birthday. Sure, we had lots of fun times with friends and family before that date, but it was the "official" beginning of a wonderful thing!


Birthday of 2018! OK, so this was just last year! We went to Walt Disney World for my birthday, and it was Ah-Maze-Ing! We've been to Disney World a few times, and it's my favorite place, but we have to work hard to make those trips happen. It usually includes lots of scrimping and saving, as well as picking up side writing jobs to make extra money. Last year we were in Magic Kingdom for my birthday, where we got my little boy's first haircut at the little barber shop on Main Street USA. We also had a hoe down with Mickey Mouse himself, which was super fun. It is currently my favorite birthday memory!

***How about you?! Share a great birthday memory and in celebration I will enter you to win an e-copy of your choice of one of my books!***


  1. My favorite birthday memory is the time that I was given $100 and my family volunteered to not only take me to any and all bookstores I wanted to go to, but also to come with me! I had a blast!

    1. That sounds fabulous! Yes to bookstores and spending money!

    2. Hi Ameila! You're the winner of the giveaway. Congrats! I've sent you a PM.

  2. Happy late birthday! One of my favorite birthday memories was of my Sunday school class taking me out to lunch. We had a wonderful time (which we usually do when we're together).


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