Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Creative Outlets Anyone? (Katie)

What's Your Creative Outlet?

Writer's Life (Katie)

Writing is definitely a creative outlet. It's something I've been doing since early childhood (have I mentioned before that I can remember the first stories I wrote as a kid?). But there are times I need a break from writing. At those times I focus on other creative outlets. I thought it'd be fun to talk about those things today, and I'd also LOVE to hear about your creative outlets!


When I was a little girl, my mom always baked with us kids. We made rolled sugar cookies for just about every holiday you can name. I can also remember making cakes.

Today, it's something I still do when I need to keep my creative juices flowing but don't have the energy or "muse" to write. I love tweaking recipes to make something a little different or new. I love fruity desserts, chocolate desserts, sweet and savory desserts. 

The other day I decided I needed fruity, so I created a mini dump cake from blueberries and lemon creme. I used lemon cake mix on the bottom and top, and I topped it all with butter. They turned out very yummy (even though they're nothing pretty to look at, I know!).


While it's not technically something I'm DOING to be creative, getting outside and enjoying nature is also a MAJOR source of keeping my mind clear and helping me think through plot holes and writer's block for when I am being creative. We have a cotton field behind our house, and we like to walk the dirt paths through it. We also have a cow pasture in front of us, so walking our road is relaxing and beautiful!


OK, I have to admit, this has slowly worked it's way to my top creative outlet when I need a break from writing. 

I love growing things, be it flowers, fruits, or vegetables. Working in the dirt is relaxing and cathartic, and it gives my brain a break when it needs it! I am always thinking of ways to rearrange, prune, or better "feed" my plants. I promise you, watering plants is just about one of my favorite things! Does that make me weird? (ha!)

*So, what about you? Do you have a creative outlet you like to do to clear your mind and help you think? There are other types of art, of course, like music or drawing. And lots of people like to get out and do adventurous, physical things (rock climbing, anyone?). Those are fun for me too, but these ones I've mentioned are definitely my go-to's. I'd love to hear about yours and get a few new ideas, so let's have them!


  1. Yum! Those mini dump cakes sound so good! My go-to’s involve artsy stuff, listening to music while doing something (like chores or driving), and seeking adventure.

    1. Yes, listening to music while doing something else is a great way to unwind!

  2. I like those as well. I used to play the piano but don't do that as often as I should. I find looked at details, either walking outside and looking closely at the plants, or looking at rocks is a great way to change focus.

    1. I also play the piano less than I should ;) .


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