Saturday, June 8, 2019

Top Three Places to Find New Books (Lauricia)

Greetings fellow lovers of story and fans of fantasy. Welcome to another Top Three installment. I hope your summer is going well, whether you are on an extended break or not.

In my house, all of our activities center around school. My husband and I teach in the same school our teenage sons attend, so we are all at the beginning of our off-season. While my husband and I do a lot of work tutoring, writing, and planning for the next school year, I still have a large amounts of time to spend on indulging in a good book. Although my to-be-read pile will outlast me by several years, my older son (who is also a reader) is never more than two books away from needing something new to read. This leads to the question of where to find that something new. My top three sources (after this blog, of course) are:

(My to-be-read pile.)

This Facebook group is a book club like no other (at least, no other that I’ve been a part of). With over 700 members, this club features free electronic downloads of each month’s books and frequent author posts throughout the month. Many of the group members are also authors, so you never know who you’ll run into. The most relevant feature for this blog post, however, is the group’s companion website. At you will find a directory of indie and small press authors. This treasure trove is the perfect place to go when you’re on the hunt for something new.

Realm Makers is an annual conference for writers of all types of speculative fiction. Now in its eighth year, this conference is HUGE, which enables the directors to host a book store that features the works of group members. You will find works from authors of all types, including well known faces like Tosca Lee and Ted Dekker and new names in the indie and small press industries. All of these books have been vetted by the conference directors, so you know they will be top-notch quality.

I recently learned of this website, which features reviewed new releases of books as they are being released. Once you make an account, you can explore featured books recommended by Reedsy reviewers and filter through new titles recommended by other readers. (In the interest of full disclosure: I just became a reviewer, and I’m reading my first feature book now—I can’t wait to see how this experience turns out!)

So there are my three places to seek new treasures waiting to be discovered. How about you? Do you have a to-be-read pile that just won’t quit, or are you constantly on the hunt for your next read? Where do you go to find your newest treasures?

Quick disclaimer: none of the above links are affiliate links.

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