Tuesday, June 18, 2019

A Writer's Life Ponderings (Julie)

The topic for this post is VERY round about related to Father's Day, in the basic sense that as a writer, you are the father and mother of your story baby.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do any writing lately because of several things going on. For awhile, I didn't think about writing, but once things started slowing down, I started getting a familiar nudge at the back of my mind. That draw to leave the real world and pay attention to my baby. It's kind of like my characters are speaking to me from their story...we miss you...come back and finish our story!

Do you ever have that feeling when you've neglected writing for a time for whatever reason? I liken it to that feeling you get when you haven't talked to someone (family member or friend) in a few days and you feel the need to call them.

So what about you? Do your characters ever call to you from their story? Or maybe you get that feeling when you have a new story developing and it calls to you to start it?


  1. A thousand times, yes -- sometimes even when I'm working on another project. So much clamoring to write their story (Shut up, already! Lol...)

  2. I get those calls too. I'll randomly get a sense of a being in the story world, like there is a portal that popped in my head I only need to jump through to get into my story. It's very comforting, albeit distracting at times, to get those because it means my story and I are connecting.


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