Tuesday, May 7, 2019

To Ditch or Dig In (KaLyn)

You've probably heard the story of how [insert famous inventor] failed [add a high number] times before finally finding the one way that worked. It's an inspiring reminder to keep going when we encounter frustrations while pursuing our goals.

But, not every idea is worth pursuing.

Sticking with something and not giving up is a good attitude to have, as long as it's balanced with reason. It's just as important to know when to walk away.

So, how do we know when to ditch and when to dig in?

I've done plenty of both in the last year. Ditching chapters, ideas, and marketing approaches, while digging in to finish a book, publish a few short stories, and take advantage of opportunities. And the only thing I can tell you about the answer to that question is to pray.

When an unshakable peace surrounds a decision, then I know it's the direction God wants me to follow. Even if it flies in the face of conventional wisdom.

It's how I knew it was time to step away from my post as a regular contributor on Lands Uncharted. I prayed, poured my heart out to God, and felt him leading me to focus on building opportunities to support others and maintaining a better work-life balance between writing and homeschool.

How do you know when to ditch and when to dig in?

My last post will be on May 25th. I'm excited for y'all to meet the new contributor!


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