Saturday, May 25, 2019

One Draft, Two Draft (KaLyn)

One Draft, Two Draft (a writer’s parody)

One draft.
Two draft.
Bad draft.
Blaah draft.

Half draft.
Whole draft.
Rotten draft.
Cold draft.

This one’s beginning lags.
This one’s middle sags.
Say! What a lot
Of drafts there are.

Yes. Some are bad. And some are blaah.
 And some you wish, you never saw.

Some don’t begin.
And some won’t end.
 And some—never ever, ever send.

But don't let
Fear hold you back.
You can learn
Any skill you lack.

Make some friends
And share your work
Connecting is the point.
Don't just lurk.

From bad to good, from good to bad, 
Writing lessons
Must be had.

It takes time
To find a way
And that's okay!
You only need to pray.

Oh this! Oh that!
Oh dear! Oh me!
What a lot
Of writing lessons we see.

This is my last post as a regular contributor on the spectacular Lands Uncharted, with the lovely ladies of Lands. But this isn’t goodbye! You can find me on my blog at or hanging around social media (@authorkacummins).

See ya later, alligator! ;)


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