Saturday, March 9, 2019

Top 3 Book Art Projects for Spring Break (Lizzie)

Spring break is coming up, and since I work at a university, I have a week off to read and write ... and do taxes and other chores. However, I really want to do something fun away from the computer and reading chair. So I thought it'd be fun to look into book-related craft projects. Here are some that I found. I'm not including directions, just suggestions of what you could do.

Book Art Crafts

1) Book jewelry Cut out a favorite snippet from a copy of a book that's too worn to read but that you don't want to throw away (or any antique-looking book you find at the thrift store). Turn it into a necklace pendant, ring, bracelet, or earring. Buy the necklace, etc. at your favorite craft store, then seal the paper cut out with glass to magnify it. Here's an example from Etsy.
From the SonnetandFable Etsy shop.

2) Pressed flower art Do you have any pressed flowers from last summer? If so, you can make a lovely piece of art by placing the pressed flower over a book page. Maybe it's because I love reading, but there's just something about black-and-white text that makes a lovely background.
From TicketyBooPrints Etsy shop

3) Hollow book safe This might be my favorite, because hiding things in books is a fun part of many adventure stories. Now you can have your own secret hiding place!
From RetroGradma Etsy shop

Book art actually brings out mixed emotions. I think it's lovely, but I don't really like the idea of tearing out book pages. But if the book's at the thrift store or in danger of being thrown away, or is water-stained or something like it, I guess it's okay. What do you think?


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