Saturday, March 23, 2019

House Hunters 2nd Edition (Julie)

This week was Parent Teacher Conference day at my school. Many parents come in asking how I'm
doing. Well, it's the spring semester, spring break is in two weeks, and the kids are going crazy, including your own. "I'm doing pretty good." I politely tell them with a smile and then change the subject. I just have to make it two more weeks for a break.

Ahhh spring break. It brings up visions of quiet solitude with a good book or even going to a new place, where no one will recognize you...

This post is dedicated to all those longing for a vacation. A chance to get away and experience something new...something different...

Below are my top 3 vacation rental ideas:

3) These two are out of this world. Bring along all those sci-fi novels you've been wanting to read and chill in your own space ship. Or if you prefer something a bit more down to earth, you can get some R&R in a rented airplane. It's better than a first class seat!
Look out for any bicycles
Emergency vehicles may arrive every so often

2) For beach lovers. I love collecting seashells at the beach and am always on the lookout for that "perfect" shell. So these two rentals are right up my alley.
Hope there's no creepy crawly hiding inside
Don't have to worry about sand here

I wonder if they have ocean waves playing in the background with the scent of the sea wafting through the house? As long as they don't smell like real shells...

1) Up in the trees. I chose tree houses as my number one because I love the tree house from Swiss Family Robinson! I always thought it was the coolest house ever. Of course now that I'm older, and have thought it through a little more, I'll definitely make sure there is some sort of protection against things that crawl...
Don't step to the left. Or Right.
Those are awfully large toadstools

Really, any of these would be perfect for a writer's getaway. Surrounded by all the creativity is surely to spark a flood of ideas!! 
So which would you choose as the perfect getaway/hideaway?         

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  1. Interesting places. I think I'd stick with a cabin or typical hotel room, or a quaint bed and breakfast.


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