Saturday, February 16, 2019

House Hunters, Fantasy Edition (Julie)

Have you ever wanted your own fairy tale home? Well, now is your chance to choose which home you would live in.

3) Underground. There are two options that come to mind for this category. The deep, underground dwarf idea or the carve your home out of a hill Hobbit idea. Let's start with the dwarf home. This type
of dwelling attracts those with fair skin or those who prefer darker places for whatever reasons (we don't ask questions). It is also popular with those who don't want to spend money on air conditioning as it's quite a bit cooler down there.

However, if you prefer a lighter and warmer atmosphere, then try out the cozy Hobbit hole. These lovely homes cater to those a bit on the shorter side. If you plan on having a lot of company over, remember to avoid installing a low hanging chandelier, or at least a retractable one.

2) Castle. If you are looking for a home with more space, then take a look at a castle. The most
popular type is the straight up, skinny variety. This can provide children countless hours of exploration through the many wings, turrets, and dungeon (just remember to child proof). The many high turrets make it a perfect place for stargazing, especially if you castle is located within a forest.
Many of our clients opt for the secluded castle in the deep forest as a place for quiet and relaxation, though there has been a few issues with wolves prowling around. 

Please remember though the castle requires lots of servants and can be a bit drafty. Castles do tend to attract the odd dragon or witch looking to cast a spell on the unsuspecting, which might include the whole castle. We also recommend staying away from any random spinning wheels that show up.

1) Cottage. This home conjures up images of snugness and a merry fire crackling in the hearth. These are great for people who prefer the simple life away from the hustle
and bustle of village life. Usually located deep within the forest, it's great for those with a green thumb as there is ample space for a garden, vegetable or flower. 

Some of our clients have complained of having random visitors showing up at their door looking for a place to stay or a meal. Use discretion when admitting strangers into your home.

Please be warned that if you come across a cottage made of edible materials, please head in the opposite direction. Fast. It is NOT one of our listings.

If interested, please contact one of our four specialized agents: Hansel, Sam, Ella, and Happy.


  1. Too funny! Great post, Julie! But you forgot to warn them against anyone offering you questionable fruit to eat!

  2. I want the castle, thank you. Wolves and dragons are welcome. They'll take care of the witch. And no problem staying away from a spinning wheel. Too much like work.


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