Friday, October 26, 2018

Interview with Pam Halter (Fairyeater Blog Tour)

We're thrilled to welcome Pam Halter to Lands Uncharted today as part of the blog tour celebrating her debut YA fantasy novel, Fairyeater! I'll include more about her amazing book below, but first, Pam took the time to answer some questions for us. Enjoy!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

This is always such a hard question. Well, I used to be a mail carrier, my favorite job was working in a sewing factory, and I once had a drink with boxing legend, Joe Fraizer, when he came into the restaurant where I worked. A very nice guy.

I’m pretty eclectic in what I enjoy, whether it’s books or movies or adventures.

I love to cook and create my own recipes. I’m in three Gooseberry cookbooks and was a runner up in Taste of Home’s Fresh from the Garden contest this past July. Someday, I’m gonna write my own cookbook for cooks like me who don’t necessarily measure. My working title is “Eyeballing It”. heh, heh, heh …

I'll admit I'm definitely a cook who measures, but I love the title! What prompted you to start writing? Are you one of those authors who knew you were meant to write since childhood, or did it come as a discovery later in life?

I always wanted to write, but when I was in high school, that wasn’t considered a career. I remember telling my high school sweetheart that I wanted to be a mom and a writer.

When I was 35, I had a late term miscarriage and lost a son. A friend of my sister-in-law suggested I write as a way to deal with the grief. I wrote a couple of poems and the love of writing flooded back. I wrote my first children’s story, Beatrice Loses Her Doll, which eventually got picked up by Concordia Publishing. It came out in 2001. See, I had forgotten what I said in high school, but God didn’t. And today, 41 years later, I’m a mom (and a grandmom! Woot!) and a writer. Isn’t He good?

He really is, what a beautiful testimony. Which authors have had the most significant impact on your writing?

When I was younger, it was Terry Brooks and Tolkien. Today, so many authors inspire me: Nadine Brandes, Nancy Rue, Shelley Adina, Joyce Magnin … and so many Realmies, I can’t even list them all from memory!

I know what you mean! We’re all about exploring new worlds here at Lands Uncharted—if you could choose one place to visit, real or fictional, where would you go? 

The Shire! I think I’d make a good hobbit. I’d also love to live in Bright’s Pond from the series by Joyce Magnin. A small, fictional town in PA, filled with quirky and fun people who love each other and God. And they eat lots of pie. I’d totally fit in there, too.

Sounds like a place I'd enjoy, too! Please share one of your favorite writing tips with us.

The best tip I ever got was from one of my BFFs, Joyce Magnin. She said, “Don’t flinch.” I think so many authors don’t trust their instincts. We have to stop doubting. Stop flinching.

Ooh, I like that! Do you have any go-to foods or beverages while writing?

Not really. Boring, huh? But eating and drinking while writing distracts me. And if I have any music or sound on while writing, it’s smooth jazz. Something with no lyrics, because that distracts me, too.

I get easily distracted while writing, too, so I totally get it! Congratulations on your new release, Fairyeater! What inspired you to write it?

Squeeee! Thank you! I got the idea from a book I saw in the Scholastic Book Club paper, Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book. I do not recommend this book, though, because I bought it from Amazon and didn’t read the reviews before doing so. That book was pornographic! And I had young girls at home. So I sent it back. But the idea came from wondering why someone would catch and press fairies. And what would happen if they did? There’s more to it, and that can be read on Jill Hackman’s blog on Oct. 31st.

Oh dear, I'm glad you at least got a good idea out of the unfortunate book purchase! Akeela goes on a powerful journey during the course of your story. What do you hope readers take away from her experiences?

Everyone is created with a purpose. In Romans, Paul tells us some are created for noble purpose and some for common use. God determines how He wants to use us. In Fairyeater, Akeela discovers her purpose, learns to trust in God's (Celtar's) plan, and comes to joyfully accept her destiny. I hope readers will come away from Fairyeater knowing they can trust what God has determined for their life. That His plan is good and works out in the end.

Beautiful. Can you give us any insights into your next project?

Yes! I’m so excited about this project! I’m working on the PREQUEL to Fairyeater. A friend gave me the idea. He said, “Wouldn’t it be cool to find out who the dark lord was before he was the dark lord?”

I almost screamed. Haha! So yeah, that’s what I’m working on now. And it’s been fun to get to know Krezma as young and mischievous instead of old and cranky.

That does sound fun! Now, no visit to Lands Uncharted is complete without Top 3s! Give us a Top 3 list, in the category of your choice.

Hmmmm … let’s see. Top Three of anything. Okay, how about this? My Top Three Favorite Things To Do:
Go down the shore. It’s my favorite place on Earth.

Go to our timeshare in Williamsburg with my hubby & daughter where we become “vidiots” and binge watch videos and eat food. For days. It’s glorious!

Go to my annual writers’ retreat weekend with my group that has been together since 2003.
All these things involve good food and wine. Just sayin’.

That all sounds lovely! You can connect with Pam on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, and Amazon. And here's the back cover blurb for Fairyeater:

All fifteen-year-old Akeela has ever wanted is an ordinary family who will love her. But the only mother she has ever known is the old hag, Krezma, who berates her night and day. Why did the old woman even take her in?

But Krezma knows her charge is no ordinary child. She can see the auras surrounding living things and can communicate with fairies. And the birthmark on her palm reveals a secret Krezma must hold close for the child’s safety. 

A secret that the witch, Tzmet, hunts for night and day, drying and eating fairies for the power they contain. When Akeela discovers her fate lies in being the next Fairy Guardian, all hope for an ordinary life dissipates like the dreams they were. She must protect the fairies from the witch—and an even darker power that threatens them all. 

Akeela is unwillingly thrust into an adventure that will not end until she decides to accept her fate and give up on her dream. 

Maybe even her life.

Eeeek, this book is so good you guys!! I can't wait for you to read it! And isn't that cover breathtaking? Fairyeater just released YESTERDAY, and is available for purchase here. Congratulations again on your new release, Pam, and thank you so much for joining us today!


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  2. Great interview, Pam and Lands Uncharted (and congratulations again Pam on your beautiful book!)

  3. That's an amazing interview! Lol! So many good, fun tidbits. Thank you, and congrats, Pam!

  4. Sounds like a great premise for a prequel! Congrats on your release, Pam! Looking forward to reading the Fairyeater.

  5. Pam, you make this journey sound exciting and the book tantalizing. Thanks for sharing and congrats on your new book!


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