Thursday, July 26, 2018

A Parallel World: Your Turn (KaLyn)

Photo credit: João Silas on Unsplash

As you know from Laurie's post on Tuesday, she and I were both at Realm Makers this past weekend. It was amazing! I came away with fresh ideas and renewed excitement for my middle-grade science fiction novel.

As I dig into edits this week, I'm looking for ways to include more world-building details about the parallel version of Earth featured in the book. It shares a common history with Earth that deviates after the tenth century, but this fact is too subtle in the current draft.

Part of what makes parallel dimensions fascinating to me is the idea that changing one detail or event can impact every aspect of life and development that occurs after the change and the infinite possibilities of those changes.

Imagine if fire never existed in our world. How would it change where we live, our houses, and our clothes? And what about our food - how would it change what we eat? After all, fire has been the primary cooking method for most of human history.

Consider also all the expressions and stories that include the word fire or other words that have to do with fire, like smoke, ash, flame, etc. How would they change?

How do you imagine our world would be different if fire never existed?


  1. Ooh, that's so interesting to think about! I bet other technologies would've risen up in its place to provide warmth and cooking, but it's so hard to envision what those might look like! I guess that's why I'd better leave the sci fi to you :)

  2. That is interesting to think about! I'm curious to know what deviates in your parallel universe.


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