Saturday, June 30, 2018

Top 3 Demon Slayers (Laurie)

In looking over the books / series I've been reading over the past few years, I realized that without specifically seeking them out, I ended up reading quite a few about characters who fight demons. I suppose it's a natural theme for Christian fantasy writers to gravitate toward, and many of the books have been fabulous! So today I wanted to give a shout-out to my top 3 demon slayers :)

3. Liz from The Reluctant Warrior Chronicles by Amy Brock McNew

Wow. Liz comes from a tough background, and her life only gets harder in every book in this series. But this girl is TOUGH. She has crazy skills and always shows resilience at the end of every new struggle. Her fiery personality is so different from mine that I don't always find her easy to relate to, but I have so much respect for how she bounces back and fights harder every time the enemy deals a new blow. Plus the books in this series are fast-paced and intense with strong character development, powerful romance, and just the right about of humor. (Find out more about this series in Top 3 Favorite Characters from the Reluctant Warrior Chronicles, this interview with the author, and this series spotlight.)

2. Zoe from The Chronicle of the Three by Tabitha Caplinger

I finally had an opportunity to read this series over the winter and absolutely devoured it. Each book is filled with action, beautiful spiritual truths, characters who care deeply about one another, and tons of snarky dialogue. It took me a while to get a sense for Zoe's personality, but by the end of the first book I was completely rooting for her. She's quiet and understated with a heart of gold, and bravely takes on her role of demon slayer despite the fact that she's not a natural fighter. I loved watching her grow as a character and become firm in her faith, and I appreciated her determination to live with purpose even after the conclusion of the final battle. (Find out more about The Chronicle of the Three in this series spotlight.)

1. Audrey from the Life After series by Julie Hall

If I could choose a literary character to hang out with for a day, Audrey would be right at the top of my list. She has the best sense of humor and is just SO easy to relate to as she makes her way through struggles in friendship, romance, and her new assignment as a demon hunter. Audrey would much rather paint her nails than spend hours training in the gym, but she gives an impressive (though at times clumsy) effort and becomes a force to be reckoned with. Her honesty, self-deprecating humor, and love for family and friends shows through in everything she does. In addition, this series has incredible world-building, swoon-worthy romance, and beautiful themes that made me teary-eyed on multiple occasions. (Find out more about this series in my review of Huntress and the author's Top 3 Places to Travel.)

Have you read any of these series? Do you enjoy books that involve supernatural battles? Who are your favorite demon slayers?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Liz definitely has grit! Her resilience is admirable! I’ve only read the first in the series, but really enjoyed. :)


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