Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Personal Notes: Up in Flames (KaLyn)

She labored over every detail: events, deadlines, travel dates, projects, and responsibilities. She examined and organized each one before setting her goals and plotting a course. However, as she neared what should be the end of the dusty trail, she found herself lost in the woods.

Dusk signaled her to stop and make camp.

Later that evening, as she stared into the chanting flames of the campfire, a squirrel investigated the remains of her provisions. After digging for a few moments, the squirrel looked up at her. "Not even a tiny morsel among all this rubbish?"

"Sorry. There wasn't much left."

She picked up the pile of papers and notebooks beside her and tossed them into the fire. It sparked and flared. Pop, pop. Crack. A cloud of carbon and soot rose into the air, carrying the acrid scent of burnt sweat. "Do you smell that?" She asked.

The squirrel wrinkled his nose. "It's awful. What is it?"

"It's my plans going up in smoke."


Story of my life.

I’m betting, to some degree, yours too. That’s just how things go. We make plans. Something happens. Then, we’re forced to change those plans.

April and May were going to be drafting months. Then, needs changed and schedules changed. So, I reprioritized projects and shifted focus from drafting to editing.

But, hey, what’s life without a little flare? God’s plans are greater than our own, and some of the best things result in altered plans.

As a result of those changes, I'm focused on preparing my middle-grade science fiction story for the long road of querying. I'm excited. The greatest blessings are often unplanned.

My husband is one of those unplanned blessings. I could have never imagined someone as wonderful as him, so there’s no way I could have planned for him or our crazy life together. And he has been my biggest supporter through everything.

What unexpected treasures have entered your life and changed your plans?


  1. Aww, I love this :) Writing was one of the biggest unplanned occurrences in my life, which has led to some challenges but so many blessings!

    1. Thanks, Laurie! So glad you followed the path of writing. Your stories bless others. That one line in Common is still one of my favorites.


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