Saturday, April 14, 2018

Top 3 Signs of Spring (Jill)

Spring has sprung here, even if it doesn't look exceptionally spring-like today. In the winter months leading up to this time, I've made good use of the rotten weather by reading some great books --  The Goose Girl and Enna Burning by Shannon Hale,  Patricia Wrede's Frontier Magic trilogy, and A Stolen Kiss by Kelsey Keating (among other titles). But I'm ready for spring, so I searched for the signs notifying me winter was on its way out. It's easy to get fooled in Pennsylvania --  two spring snowfalls with special names (the onion snow and the sapling bender) can make it seem like spring will never arrive. But I'm happy to report the top three signs of spring have arrived here!

3. Smell: The breeze carries a certain smell when spring arrives. Maybe it's the scent of pollen! (I've noticed winter and fall air have their own aromas, too.)

2. Flowers: The green tips of my daffodils shot up and my crocus blooms peeked out, a sure sign spring had arrived. But I was still waiting for one more sign...

1. When the robins showed up in our yard, that was all I needed to be certain spring was here. The birds know better than any meteorologist when I should pull out the spring jacket. Now that they're singing in the trees in our front yard, I can wave bye-bye to winter.

What are the signs you look for to be sure spring has arrived? Let us know in the comments!


  1. I'm glad you got to make good use of your winter with good books to read. I've been enjoying the flowers. So many yard plants and wildflowers are blooming now.

  2. The flowers are one of my favorite things about spring, too. ☺Glad you're seeing a lot in your area -- thanks for sharing!

  3. The sun, the birds, new sprigs of life popping up... love to see the signs of Spring all around. We don’t have very many flowers in our yard, but I enjoy them as well.


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