Saturday, January 6, 2018

Top 3 Series Conclusions Coming in 2018 (Laurie)

Happy 2018 everyone!! The New Year is always a great time to both reflect back and look ahead. And for me, of course, those reflections tend to include books :) But I was having a lot of trouble narrowing down three favorite books of 2017 or three books I'm looking forward to in 2018, because I just know so many amazing authors! But I noticed that some of my favorite series are coming to an end in 2018. So here are the three series finales I'm most looking forward to in 2018:

3) Sage by Jamie Foley

This series is just so amazing! Adventure, tension, characters that jump off the page, and just enough romance to keep my inner romantic satisfied :) There are many central characters in Foley's series, but each book focuses a bit more on a certain one, which connects to the titles and covers. Tara, who as a sage is able to foresee possible futures, played a complicated role in the first book of the series and then was in a coma during the second, so I can't wait to get more of her perspective in book 3! Also, the second book, Arbiter, ended with several characters setting out to make what appears to be a very poor and dangerous decision. What's going to happen?? I get to find out on March 10th, which happens to be my birthday :)

Want to know more about this series? We've got you covered! I reviewed Sentinel (book 1) and Viper (a prequel which is now titled Vanguard) in this post. Plus, the author, Jamie Foley, has visited Lands Uncharted in the past for an interview and to share about her favorite aether gifts (the spiritual gifts different characters have in her series).

2) Unbreakable by Sara Ella

Sara Ella's books produce All. The. Feels. The love triangle is just heart-wrenching, and Eliyana's personal growth is beautifully moving. The ending of Unraveling, the second book in the series, left me reeling and kind of in shock. I have a feeling the characters have some difficult times to get through before everything will resolve, but I can't wait to see what kind of happily-ever-after Ella cooks up, because I'm trusting her to give her readers a satisfying ending. (Right, Sara Ella, right??) I'm also looking forward to revisiting these complex characters, continuing to learn more about the Reflections, and smiling at the humor and fun cultural references incorporated into every page of this awesome series.

Unbreakable releases on May 1st, so you have plenty of time to catch up on Unblemished and Unraveling if you haven't read them yet!

1) Dominion by Julie Hall

Talk about stress-inducing cliffhangers! Gah!! I absolutely adore this series, but in the second book, Warfare, the main two characters were finally making significant progress in their relationship, and then... I can't really say much to avoid spoilers, but let's just say something really bad happened. Something that put one of them in grave danger and is about to endanger many others as they embark on a rescue mission. These books have fantastic world-building, romance, and action, so I just know the conclusion is going to be epic! And will hopefully answer so many questions! Like why a certain character gets to use a special weapon and is targeted by the worst bad guy, why a different character became a traitor, and whether another character will come back from the dark side. Ha, sorry for being so vague - when I first started this post I didn't think about how hard it would be to write about these books without spoilers! Dominion doesn't have a cover or release date yet, but it's coming out sometime this year!

If the name Julie Hall sounds familiar, it may be because she's visited Lands Uncharted before! (Or because she's a USA Today bestselling author!) I reviewed the first book in her Life After series, Huntress, here. And she did a guest post for us last spring sharing her Top 3 Places to Travel.

How about you? What books are you looking forward to this year? Are any of your favorite series coming to an end?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Those all sound good, Laurie, and the cliff-hanger endings you mentioned reminds me of why I like to read series that are all ready all published! I'm looking forward the third (and presumably the last) in Patrick Carr's The Darkwater Saga.

    1. I know what you mean! I remember one series where I bought an e-copy of book 2 the same night I finished book 1 because I just couldn't stand to wait :) Thanks for commenting!

  2. Hey hey, I'm honored that my series was included in the list! Hope the conclusion is super duper extra satisfying for your birthday! There's more romance in Sage, I promise... ;)

    1. Ooh, now I'm looking forward to it more than ever! :) Thanks for stopping by, Jamie!

  3. Cliff-hangers, adventure, tension... yes, please! I love a good page turner.


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