Saturday, September 2, 2017

Top Three Ways to Spend Labor Day Weekend (Erin)

How many of you are excited by the prospect of a long weekend? Whether you start school after Labor Day, or are in the working world, or have already been in classes for a while, a three-day weekend is always cause for celebration. What are your favorite ways to spend the holiday that marks the end of summer?

3. One of my favorites this year is catching a local game. . . baseball, women's basketball, beach volleyball. . . you name it, enjoying a game with family and friends is always relaxing. My aunts took us to a Minnesota Lynx game today (which we won!) and blessed us with a delicious meal ahead of time.

2. Barbecues and pool parties with family and friends give us a welcome opportunity to slow down and appreciate the people important to us. My family has the pleasure, this year, to enjoy a pool party celebrating a dear friend who has successfully completed cancer treatment. We will be counting our blessings with him, his wife, and their family and friends. 

1. A trip to your annual Renaissance Festival or local Fair is a must! Hopefully you live in a community where some type of get-together is planned for Labor Day weekend. Although our State Fair is in full swing, my family has a long-standing tradition of opting for the Renaissance Festival on Labor Day. We have attended every year since before we had children, which is quite a few years now! This year, my family will include two pirates, a woodland fairy, a Scottish clansman, and one teenage boy. I guess forced family fun doesn't go so far as to require a costume.

What does your family do to make Labor Day weekend special? Be sure to hug your people, whatever you do!


  1. Fun post, Erin! I'll admit we're not doing any of these things this weekend, but we are visiting with family and friends so we're looking forward to it :) Have a great weekend!

  2. We had a picnic this Labor Day with family. It felt good to slow down a little. I'll have to check out a local Renaissance Fair. It sounds like fun, but I've never gone. :-)


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