Thursday, June 1, 2017

Your Turn: Favorite Places to Read in Summer (Erin)

Although the first day of summer is officially June 20, June 1st feels close enough to summer to me. One of the best things about summer is reading through my big stack of books without feeling like I should be doing something else. Finding the perfect spot to read adds to the experience. Here in Minnesota, we take summer seriously since we have so few months to enjoy the outdoors, so most of my favorite reading spots are outside. 

What about you? Where are your favorite spots to read?

1. Lying in a hammock enjoying the soft breeze and birds chirping (my personal favorite--especially as the girl in the image is reading Cinder!~)

2. Lying on the beach, alternating between reading and enjoying the sun on your face


3. Sitting on the porch sipping iced tea (note: For me, this would be an imaginary porch, as our house doesn’t have one : )

4. In your favorite corner of your couch, enjoying the air condition 

Leave a comment and let us know! 



  1. Where I live, summers are way too hot to spend much time outside, so I'll have to go with the couch- or more specifically, my old green armchair. :)


  2. Fun topic to think about, Erin! Especially now that it is summertime. I love to read outside. If I had a patio that was in the sunshine, I would probably live out there. As it is, mine is in a shady spot, so I need to find a good outdoor spot in the sun. It's also fun to go out to coffee shops and read there.

  3. Summer reading is the best! I'd vote for sitting on the porch, which in our case is a screened deck :)


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