Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Personal Notes: Erin on Travel to the Emerald Isle

As you read this, we are just days away from boarding an airplane and heading out across the Atlantic. We are headed to visit my namesake country, where my sister and her family have lived for over a decade. Our destination is Ireland, a land steeped in mystery, myth and history. Whether you are talking about fairies, druids, or selkies, Ireland has a wealth of rich myths to draw on.

I am most excited to visit family, of course. I have adorable nieces and nephew and my children can't wait to see their cousins. However, there are some sites I am looking forward to seeing, as well.

 The Giants' Causeway

Doesn't this just sound like a fairy tale title? This is one of my nieces' favorite places to play and bring visitors, so naturally we are enthusiastic about spending time here. I hope I have time to sit with my journal (in between chasing children) and dream a little about the giants who may have walked these paths.

The Cliffs of Moher (Also known as the Cliffs of Insanity from The Princess Bride)

This looks breathtaking in all the photos. I am hoping for a clear day and auspicious circumstances, but I hope my fear of heights doesn't kick in. Also, my other sister tried to visit these cliffs on her last visit, but was sick on the day they had booked their tour. My goal for this trip is to relax and roll with events, but I would love to have no anxiety, good weather and a healthy family on the day we are planning to tackle the cliffs. Thankfully, I don't have to scale them hauling three people up a rope! 

The Wild Atlantic Way

A 2,500 kilometer tour along the western coast of Ireland, this route encompasses six different regions of Ireland, each highlighting a different landscape. While we will only get to drive a little bit on these roads, the steep crags and salt water bays are alluring and mysterious. Whether we stop at ancient portal tombs like the Dolmen Center or scramble around castle ruins, there is more than enough food for the imagination here.

I am hoping to come home with a journal full of images, ideas and word sketches that hopefully will show up in my writing at some point.

Do you keep a journal when you travel? Do places you've been show up in your work? Leave a comment and let us know!



  1. This looks amazing, Erin, I hope you have a wonderful trip!!

  2. Have a wonderful trip, Erin! Ireland looks gorgeous!

  3. Wow Erin, this sounds fabulous! I hope your trip's fantastic -- safe travels and good health.

  4. This sounds like a wonderful trip, Erin, and I hope you are having a great time!


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