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My Top 3 Favorite Things of All Time...for Today (by special guest Rachel Lopez!)

Today we're excited to welcome another special guest to Lands Uncharted...Rachel Lopez! We're part of the blog tour celebrating her new release, The Water Cave. Learn more about Rachel and her novel below, but first, she will share a fun variation of our usual Top 3 posts: "My Top 3 Favorite Things of All Time...for Today."

I literally have to be the most indecisive person I know. To ponder what truly is my top three favorite of anything is hard. I have 900 favorite bands, books, foods, people... Am I alone in this or are any of you indecisive as well?

Anyone who knows me knows my all-time favorite book, movie, and lifestyle is Harry Potter. Recently my family and I went on vacation and visited Universal Studios. I cried a little (a lot, like full blown tears streaming down the face) when I got to ride the castle ride flying with Harry, dodging dementors, and fighting He Who Must Not Be Named. It was a fantastic experience for a Potter-head such as myself.

Chocolate is my second favorite thing in the entire world. I wish I could say I love fancy chocolates from overseas (I mean, I won't turn them away) but throw a snickers my way or a good old almond joy and I am in pure ecstasy. Top it off with my favorite beverage, chocolate milk and I am happy as a lark. Do I have any chocolate lovers in the house?

My final favorite thing is quite strange and I don’t know why in the world this popped into my head as one of my favorite things. Have any of you went swimming on a warm summer day? The sun is hot, the water still extremely cold, but you jump in and frolic about with your family and friends? Yeah that's nice but that's not the feeling. The feeling is when you get home to an overly air conditioned house and wrap up tight into your most cozy soft blanket, get nice and warm, read a few pages of your favorite book before falling into the best nap of your life. That, my friends, is the good stuff.

There you have it comfort, food, and fine entertainment are on my list of top three things that keep me happy...most of the time.

Harry Potter, naps, and chocolate? I think we'd get along well :) Here's a little more about the author:

Rachel Lopez is a Respiratory Therapist by day, a Family Coordinator for her church on the weekends, and a writer by night. Rachel lives in Hardin County, KY with her husband and three children. She loves to read, write, and to collect new hobbies. Rachel is the author of a series of books in the Transporter Series: The Water Cave, The Cave of Darkness, and The Fire Cave.

You can connect with Rachel on her website, Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


And here's the back-cover blurb for The Water Cave:

A sinister experiment gone wrong has come to haunt the life of an innocent girl sixteen years later. Injected with a serum developed by Satan himself, Meadow Fields discovers she is a transporter (a person with the unique ability to transfer their soul between hell and earth).

Unaware of her special gift until the day her soul transports to hell Meadow saves a tall, pale, handsome young man from drowning in the lake of the Water Cave (the outskirts of hell). This striking young man, Mark Angel, has a deep connection with Meadow and wants to help her explore her new found ability.

An unfortunate accident forces Meadow to transport to hell where she is unable to make it back home. Alone and frightened she is faced with the horrors of Satan and his fiends. Time is not on Meadow’s side, the longer she is stuck in hell the more demon like her soul becomes. In the nick of time—and with the help of a newfound ally—Meadow’s soul makes it back to Earth with moments to spare. However, her world is torn apart once more when she is faced with the reality that her loved ones are not who she believed them to be.

Doesn't it sound intriguing?? You can purchase The Water Cave on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Rachel will be celebrating her new release at a Facebook party on May 4th at 8 P.M. EST. Join in the fun here!

Thank you so much for visiting, Rachel!!

Rachel has some giveaways going in honor of her new book, enter below! (Open to U.S. residents only.)


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  1. Such a fun post! Nothing like good ol' comfort, food, and entertainment. ;)

    Thank you so much for participating in the blog tour! Loved the post!


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